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Rudolf's Travel log

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... always dreaming of meeting a new wife. She is somewhere in this world. I must find her!

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Sep 24, 1992 06:00 PM Oktoberfest 1992

Oktoberfest 1992 My first [now 14th] year of Oktoberfest in Munich. This 1992 I visited twice coming in from the Salzburg area once private and once with the company. Being from Africa, this was eye-opening and spent quite more than budgeted riding games and enjoying sharing one small place with 100000 others from the whole world, even met someone that lived only a kilometer from my own house!

Here considered a normal company outing, our boss invited us and paid for a meal and beer but I still gave out DM200 for all the rides that I had missed when I was a kid in the African bundu!

At the end of the day we spent an hour looking for the boss and realised that we had all learned much more about each other!

Dec 17, 1988 09:00 PM Malawi Adventure

Malawi Adventure One of my best adventures ever because it it to the very unpredictable and unsafe central Africa.

Two weeks fly-in camping safari was the just that what 5 of us needed. Going through all of that was unexpected made even better friends out of us!

Highlights were certainly Lake Malawi, wotjtekd enjoyed that too. A four day hike up and around Mount Mulanje was exhausting [pic found :-)] and extreamly dangerous.

See the sign in the picture: funny word in the local african language for "danger"! :-)

The "switzerland" of Africa!

Dec 13, 1986 09:00 PM Amazon Adventure

Amazon Adventure It is tradition at my university that students work together toward an international tour at the end of their third year. To raise funds, we sold cokes and hotdogs, arranged fests and fashion shows, created magazines, got paid sponsors and even begged in streets or ran around campus in undies to raise every dollar we could!

We did, and 24 of us visited Brazil on a 3-week "study" tour. Success allowed us top hotels and exotic tours. The whole party I filmed on a Betamovie which should be available soon as feature film thanks to DVD and digital editing ???

I swore to return to the Amazon oneday and after visiting so many other countries, still want to till today, also the similar Cost Rica eco-tourism?

Jan 01, 1970 01:00 AM First Camping Memories

First Camping Memories Oh come-on staff! Life existed before the above date too you know? :-)
In that summer we spent a lot of time discovering and exploring the Transvaal and the small foothills surrounding Johannesburg, here one of the first outdoor pics of me by my travel-hungery father taken in the Magaliesberg range of hills. I still remember the smell of real canvas tents till today and the aroma of grilling or the stench of green algae in lake water or the smell of beetles or natural compost and a lot but SMELL and TASTE is not hard to forget and in ones memory forever......

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