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Rudolf's Travel log

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... always dreaming of meeting a new wife. She is somewhere in this world. I must find her!

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Mar 04, 2006 09:00 PM Munich snowed in today!

Munich snowed in today! Munich got about 50cm of snow the last 24-hours so the city transport system has collapsed. It has basically snowed continuously since before Christmas, a 100-year record is close to be broken. The state is running out of the salt used on roads to melt the ice! I'll venture out and get some pics later....

Well at least we have internet and GLOBO to keep us entertained and busy :-)

I'm busy going through "THEME: kids" and updating it together with Martin.

As experiment for digital enhancing an overexposed photo I have tried to better Martins picture here. Easier said than done, the picture gets grainy and a lot of time using a softening tool for further correction so is it worth it?

Feb 15, 2006 09:00 PM Carnival again!

Carnival again! Up and comming next week is traditional carneval an a lot of partying planned. We dont't really know this in Africa so it was new to me here too the last years, just to discover that it is an excuse to get drunk and act like a kid!

I travelled to Venice once for it and recommend that. One year I would like to experience carnival in Cologne (Köln) which they say is the centre of it all, so much that they start preparations already on at 11am on 11/11 the previous year!

Masking is very difficult and time expensive but if done well a pleasure, I can remember cutting a furry woolen car seat to make Apeman clothing, or flirting as a ghost in a white sheet....

I tried this carneval pic once as GLOBOportrait pic but it was banned. Hope it doen't scare the kids here?

Feb 14, 2006 09:00 PM Enhancing the Gallery > Moving personal pics to GLOBOlog

Enhancing the Gallery > Moving personal pics to GLOBOlog Weblog = "Blog"
Travellog = "GLOBOlog"?

Enspired by just a few members who use this "travel log" area properly, mainly for on-the-road-reporting, it is like a diary and within this section everthing (legal) should be possible. I use this area as a notebook and will also be moving all my too personal pictures here the next few days and then be deleting them from the main gallery which is intended for competitive and publishing-type pictures only. Incidently, This is also a great place to save old profile pictures.

I hope when this runs that other members will follow and do the same, I challenge you all to clean up at GLOBO and increase the quality.....

Like in Scandanavia, it is the time of the year to throw out old unwanted things, "spring-cleaning"!

Feb 13, 2006 09:00 PM Valentines Day

Valentines Day Today I missed my love, she is far away but the world is so small because telecommunications is very good.

I wanted to put a cartoon up here but rather not, instead as example, the GLOBOlog can also be used to upload graphics, also in *.gif format? let us check.... no, only *jpg but perhaps one day animated-gif I hope!

Anyway, most members forget that this is a great place to display sketches, maps, lists, displays and art of all kinds.... not only own work, because this is an editable personal "notebook" or "scrapbook", only as "workbench" for the traveller.... :-)

Jan 19, 2006 09:00 PM Digitally enhanced ***** Landscape

Digitally enhanced ***** Landscape At Home:
Using tools like "Adobe Photoshop" or many other even shareware picture programms like "Xnview" and their tools a picture can often be improved.

In this case I have cut the tower off the right hand side off by zooming in and to the left and a down a bit to show less sky and more corn. I then enhanced the colours about 10% and resized the picture to normal "landscape" format.

I have a terrible scanner and never owned a SRL-camera so I use tools sometimes to add that little touch if nessessary. I often don't have patience and time to do this but my personal favorite pictures I try to improve. This doesn't always work, but try it!

[2006-01-20] "Thanks Isabelle for your permission to use this pic as an example" RR

Jan 12, 2006 09:00 PM Remedy for (virtual) Seasickness

Remedy for (virtual) Seasickness Oh I wish I can travel soon again! Untill that am enjoying looking at pictures from others. I get very sea-sick though looking at pictures not taken level or in plane.... Some pictures at GLOBO show speed-boats racing downhill! Others, quiet beautiful lakes at an angle showwing the water ready to create a tsunami!


By rotating some pictures the quality can be immensely improved. For a brilliant scene like this one it is the difference between a **** and ***** rating and specially when looking for the picture-of-the-month at GLOBO! Thanks Marielle for this one example. Here the same picture rotated... [Click on the new pic to enlarge it if you wish]

I promise not to mess too much with the pictures of others in future but just want to show other options and give some tips occasionaly. Taking ANY picture on-site is MOST important, regarless of camera equipment or photographic experience. NOT taking a picture at all is a VERY lost opportunity!

"A bad picture can mostly be explained or enhanced. A picture NEVER created can never be re-created exactly again ever and therefore never again be appreciated in space and time ever!" RR

Nov 06, 2005 09:00 PM At Home! Working on GLOBOsolutions: Overview

At Home! Working on GLOBOsolutions: Overview ....when i'm on the road again would like also to upload about 100 pictures per month, sometimes all on one day or 25 per week. Now that we are so many members, it has occured often that the 24-hour review is flooded, the current system shows only MAXIMAL 50 entries per day FOR ALL MEMBERS or per loggin if you would like to loggin 3x per day!!! I would like to loggin once a week and still have the option to see every members entries (uploads), not just the last 50!

1) it looks like flooding, perhaps limiting the uploads to 20 pictures? (if necessassary OK but I think better solutions exist)
2) other member pictures get lost in the 24-hour review (specially the new and imp newbie)
3) even the last-logon-review doesn't help to list more than 50, one must guess to search. [this works now in Feb 2006 for more than 50 pictures, thanks]
4) our pictures then are not alwyas seen therefore not always rated
5) unrated pictures/items are never rewarded
6) not rated items get lost in the databank

[Added 2006-07-04:
This is resolved, a TRUE list of all new entries is now displayed after login from the GLOBOhomepage, also if more than 50 entries!]

Aug 07, 2005 06:00 PM Travelling to Mom's 80th

Travelling to Mom's 80th My relations live quite spread apart so we arrage a family reunion about every 5 years. This time we all travelled to Mom's or grandmothers 80th birthday. There seeemed to be a daily private shuttle to the airport and back but we all (18) eventually got together and "camped out"!

What to do with double and unwanted personal pictures? Collage them!
Experiment: The image here is digital photo of a mounted collage presented as a gift from the grandchildren, individual faces cut from obsolete or double prints. The whole thing is about 60x40cm so could not be scanned. Taking a digital image of the artwork was difficult and unsuccessful. Flash or sunlight or diffuse light didn't work properly, the picture is distorted and warped. When enlarging the clarity is lost!

May 16, 2005 06:00 PM Texas here we come!

Texas here we come! Gloria and Neda, thanks for asking! Fights confirmed, my next major trip will be to Texas (again) in August. I was hoping for something wider also like 'Vegas and 'Frisco but work/time and budget limits it, now hoping to at least get down/along the coast and then maybe acrosss the Mexican border for a day or more and experience/practice spanish there (anyway also in the USA :-)
Also planned:
~ 2006 - Philippines via India or China?
~ 2007- Kroatia > Greece > Cyprus > Holy Land
~ 2008- C.Am & Caribbean, specially St. Martin Plane-Spotting!

Mar 17, 2005 09:00 PM USA2005: Texas

USA2005: Texas ...gearing up for a special adventure in Texas and hopefully the west coast too, soon...

The new passport arrived today and that makes me even more keen to leave. The new one smells like freshly printed money, the old one like a tog-bag full of sweaty socks! The old shaggy passport did have a extra leather cover to it. I used the the cover for the new passport wanting to keep it in better shape.

[Added Aug2006: arriving in the USA the cover was removed by the clerk in temper and thrown on the desk in front of me :- ( If looks could kill, i'd be on the next plane back in a coffin! Interigation as to my exact intentions and purpose there was really bad at both immigration and customs, I ask all alone travelling men to prepare for that psycologically and keep calm!]

The other two (blue) passports are fakes yet Houtbay really wanted to leave the RSA and become a free trade zone like Hong Kong once. Texas, like Bavaria, Catalania, Scotland and quite a few other "Freistaats" would too :-)
The texan one is funny, one must also state the name and age of ones horse too! I heared that they might help to escape from bribery stunts in corrupt countries but rather leave them at home as private jokes. Warning: NEVER try use these at customs ANYWERE!

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