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beograd Belgrade - A travel report by Nina
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Belgrade,  Serbia - flag Serbia
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beograd's travel reports

Once Singidunum now Beograd (White City)

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Belgrade travelogue picture
The history of White City begins 5.000 years B.C., but it was first built in III century B.C. by Celts. The name Beograd pops up the first time in 989 A.D. Do you know any other city that arouse from ash exactly 38 times? 40 different armies tried to concurred him? Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and Montenegro, with about 2 mil inhabitants. Not only that Belgrade is the centre of economics and politics, it is also the cultural centre of our country. * 1808 The Great School and University of Arts (today's Belgrade University or simply BU) * 1832 National Library of Serbia * 1841 National Museum * 1869 National Theatre * 1886 Serbian Academy of Science and Art (SANU) was found under name Serbian Royal Academy

Favourite spots:
Belgrade travelogue picture
Belgrade is a modern, western type of city with special Balkan soul that is immortal. He is always awake and ready to embrace kind people with his warmth and joy. His streets are always busy and crowded with people and if you happen to live here, it is almost impossible to take a walk down some of the main streets and not to see someone that familiar. The best way to capture Belgrade's immortal soul is to visit Skadarska Street or simply Skadarlija. And what is this Skadarlija? Ingredients: Three Hats, Two Deers, Two Tobacco Leafs... What are those, you might ask yourself. Well, those are the names of some of the oldest and best known restaurants in Belgrade. But if you are a youngster, craving for wild night life, you are also welcome in Skadarlija because there are so many night clubs. But then again, you can find them all over Belgrade.

What's really great:
Belgrade stands on two divine rivers: Sava and Danube. There is also an artificial lake made in Sava's meander on the other side of a river island called Ada Ciganlija, and it is placed in the city. This lake is a well known city beach where Beogradjani (citizens of Belgrade) search for shelter during the hot summers.

BEOGRAD INTER-CONTINENTAL *****, Vladimira Popovica 10, Phone: 311-3333
HYATT REGENCY *****, Milentija Popovica 5, Phone: 301-1182
SLAVIJA LUX *****, Svetog Save 2, Phone: 450-842
JUGOSLAVIJA ****, Bulevar Nikole Tesle 3, Phone: 600-222
BEST WESTERN M ****, Bulevar JNA 56a, Phone: 3972-560
MAJESTIC ****, Obilicev venac 28, Phone: 636-022
METROPOL ****, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 69, Phone: 3230-911
MOSKVA ****, Balkanska 1, Phone: 686-255
PALACE ****, Toplicin venac 23, Phone: 185-585, 637-222
ASTORIJA ***, Milovana Milovanovica 1a, Phone: 645-422
BALKAN ***, Prizrenska 2, Phone: 687-466
EXCELSIOR ***, Kneza Miloša 5, Phone: 3231-381
KASINA ***, Terazije 25, Phone: 3235-574, 3235-578
NACIONAL ***, Bežanijska kosa bb, Phone: 601-122
PARK ***, Njegoševa 4, Phone: 3234-723
PRAG ***, Narodnog fronta 27, Phone: 3610-422
PUTNIK ***, Palmira Toljatija 9, Phone: 697-221
ROYAL ***, Kralja Petra I 56, Phone: 626-426, 634-222

What Belgrade is famous for is its night life. Many caffes and clubs are opened all night no matter if it's weekend or week days. Wild discoteques for those of you who like that, or just nice clubs with jazz, soul...
HARD ROCK CAFFE 011/322 4243 322 5554
Beograd Terazije 5

SINAGOGA 011/ 316 1800

OH! CINEMA! BELGRADE SUN CLUB 011/ 625 932 627059

PLATO 011/ 635 010

DUNAV FEST 011/615 450 lok 20
Zemun Gradski Park 2a
CAFFE FRATELLI`S BUS 011/ 334 0671
Beograd Aberdareva 1 b

JUNGLA 011/ 334 1600
Beograd Skadarska 40 c

TEATAR CLUB SKC 011/ 360 2045 659 277
Beograd Srpskih Vladara 48

KST 011/ 337 0890 lok481
Beograd Bulevar Revolucije 73

CRNA MACKA 011/ 199 163
Zemun Petra Zrinskog 8

4 SOBE 011/629 023
Beograd Rige od Fere 13

INFERNO 011/3245 437
Beograd ugao

Belgrade travelogue picture
During the past decade English and Irish pubs have become very popular here, but they also have the touch of Serbia... What I recommand is to visit some of the nice terraces Belgrade offeres. You will find them full in the day time as well as evenings. And certainly visit one of 4 "Greenet" coffe houses. It is the best coffe you can find and I especially recommand Moka...

"Dva jelena"/"Two Deers" Skadarska Street
Savski kej bb
160 199

Savski kej bb
1775 577

Savski galeb
Savski kej bb
150 900

Bulevar Nikole Tesle bb
600 222

Bulevar Nikole Tesle bb
673 437

Bela ladja
Bulevar Nikole Tesle bb
600 222

Bulevar Nikole Tesle bb
698 398

Bulevar Nikole Tesle bb,
103 676

Bulevar Nikole Tesle bb
698 398

Usce bb
146 318

Usce bb
3112 422

Usce bb
3114 847

Usce bb
133 454

Usce bb
2222 120

Usce bb
711 187

Usce bb
144 264

Usce bb

Published on Sunday February 29th, 2004

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Sun, Apr 30 2006 - 07:33 AM rating by jorgesanchez

Very useful!

Fri, Jan 21 2005 - 07:28 PM rating by johnnye00

Great report on Belgrade, Hope to go one day

Wed, Sep 22 2004 - 01:14 AM rating by rangutan

Now with some border-posts going down and europe uniting, certainly to be considered for a long-weekend trip from Munich soon. Thanks for a good travel-tip.

Wed, Sep 15 2004 - 07:28 AM rating by italian-link

Thanks..I've always wanted to go to Belgrade. Perhaps I will make it there in 2005. You've put a lot of great and useful information.


Sun, Feb 29 2004 - 09:29 AM rating by christianj.

Hi Nina, it sound's that you love 'your hometown' - great report! Some more concrete details regarding hotels, restaurants ... should be helpful. Regards, Christian

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