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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Mar 21, 2024 10:00 PM Captain Andrea

Captain Andrea I met my captain already few times, asking by the way for the informal picture. He was saying that he cannot do that because in his contract he signed that he will be photographed with passengers only with the professional ship's paparazzi's. They charge later for such a pucture 15 euro.
But today I as lucky to meet him on the deck where I was walking to stretch the legs. Here is the picture with my 39th captain...

Mar 20, 2024 10:00 PM Crossing the Tropic of Cancer

Crossing the Tropic of Cancer Our cruise director - pretty and elegant Sabrina announced that Neptune will come aboard to giva us a permission to cross the tropic (unfortunately we do not cross the equator). There was a lot of fun and the volunteers were baptized to have a picture... One more occasion to kill the time...

Mar 17, 2024 10:00 PM Rough ocean

Rough ocean Strong wind, high waves. I was crossing Atlantic many times, but I never experienced such a bad weather. They offered me to join galley tour to see how they are preparing the meals for more than 2000 passengers and the crew - quite interesting! I took with me my little laptop and I can work in my cabin or in the common lounges. Let's hope that the weather will improve!

Mar 16, 2024 10:00 PM Saying goodbye to America...

Saying goodbye to America... We are again on Barbados, but it is our last port in the Caribbean. In the evening we will start to cross Atlantic Ocean. The next port will be Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Canary Island. It will be Sunday, 24th March. Sorry, no free internet connection from the ship until this day!
I was walking again the streets of Bidgetown, enjoying frangipani flowers in blossom on the main square, black people passing by and homeless poople sleeping on the banks.
Until the next time, hot islands!

Mar 15, 2024 10:00 PM Hiking on Pigeon Island

Hiking on Pigeon Island In the morning we docked again in Castries. Saint Lucia. I decided to make the excursion by local microbus to see historic Pigeon Island in the north of the island. At the end of the St Lucia on the small, hilly islet Brits built there fortifications with cannons... They remained till now.
Behind the market in Castries I found a stop for 1A bus line to Gros Islet. Half an hour drive (depends of traffic jams) costs just 1 US dollar! Gros Islet is a picturesque fishing village cosest to Pigeon. From the tiny beach I saw Pigeon in the distance with its two summits - great view! Then I was walking along the beach, crossing without problem two elegant resorts: Landing's and Sandal's After Sandal's gate there is small wild beach and a fence surrounding Pigeon. Former Pigeon Island is now connected to the mainland by thick causeway. To get into the "historic landmark you have to pay hefty 10 USD. I paid. Inside there is a map to photograph and you see first buildings - officer's kitchen, gunpowder magazine, bakery.
The path to the top of the first, higher hill (140 m) initially is good byt the upper, stoney part require stronger boots. The view is great, but nothing on the summit. Then I went down and started to climb lower Signal Hill with little battery on the top. 3 cannons there, cistern and powder magazine are there. Again great views... Worth the effort!
This was an interesting excursion for 2 dollars! (Plus entry fee)

Mar 14, 2024 10:00 PM Last day on Guadeloupe

Last day on Guadeloupe Last day... In this calendar year, I believe. Most of the local, black skin passengers is disembarking. Instead French from Europe and Italians are boarding the ship. I expect to find new friends!
I make the laundry and snake the streets for a new supply of rum. New discovery: Montebello 55 deg, 1 litre bottle for 8,95 euro in the U-supermarket 300 m from the ship. Strong stuff, but I mix it with the juice, producing the punch - very popular on the Caribbean! Tomorrow we will be on St Lucia and after tomorrow - on Barbados, before making 6-days jump across Atlantic...

Mar 13, 2024 10:00 PM 4 euro round trip to Saint Pierre

4 euro round trip to Saint Pierre Oh yes, you can go to Saint Pierre by the tour organized from the ship, paying like 65 euro. But the budget travellers like me know, that there is a public bus from the coastal esplanade in Fort-de -France (Ligne 1 - big, a/c bus) which will take you there for just 2 euro each way. City bus tickets are not walid fir this bus - you pay directly to the driver - coins and euro 5, 10 banknotes are accepted only. On the way (it takes like an hour - 30 kms) expect nice views. Ask for the front seat like me!
Saint Pierre - tosay sleepy billage once was the capital of Martinique. Till 1902 when on May 8th eruprion of the volcano Pele destroyed and covered by lava and ashes all city. You can see the ruins, remains of the theatre and prison, where one locked prisoner survived. There is black sand beach, coastal esplanade and great view of the volcano, but come early as the the clouds cover the top in the afternoon - all for 4 euro!

Mar 12, 2024 10:00 PM Late arrival to Kingstown

Late arrival to Kingstown Usually the ships arrive to the new ports at 7 - 8 am.
Today we approached Kingstown on Saint Vincent later, but we were blessed by great scenery. Other ships were waiting at the entrance to the bay, including big sailboat "Sea Cloud". I was able yo photograph from the sea the Fort Charlotte - the target of my last hike.
Once on the pier I took the walk to the city to find this free-internet place hidden near the taxi stand under the shaddy tree.
I like Saint Vincent. It is poor, but the people are easy-going and ready to help, if you ask for information.
Elegant police -see picture - has not much to do...
Taxi drivers offer half-day tours charging 40 USD per person. But I know already most places they go. I stroll again the streets of Kingstown, stopping, talking and having a lot of fun. In the night we will be sailing to Martinique.

Mar 11, 2024 10:00 PM One of 365 beaches...

One of 365 beaches... We are today on Antigua Island. I have been here many times: flying by helicopter to nearby Monserrat, going by ferry to Barbuda or just enjoying St John's - colorful capital of this independent country or visiting historic Nelson's Dockyard.
Antigua is known as the island of 365 beaches.
Today I decided to visit on a cheap one of them. In our ship's newspaper Mr editor described Church Beach as one of the prettiest beaches of the world. He exaggerated of course, but...
I went to the West Bus Terminal. There are polite police ladies offerring the help and showing proper micro-bus. For just 1,5 dollar US I was going in the nice landscapes to the litthe church on the hill. The proper name is Church Valley Beach. It is just 100 m off the main road. The beach is rather narrow, has some 200 m length and... crowd of tourists from 4 cruise ships docking on Antigua today. Most of them are coming here by organized, expensive tours. But the place is nice and as you can see the access can be inexpensive. Come and enjoy!

Mar 10, 2024 10:00 PM Maho beach on Sint Maarten

Maho beach on Sint Maarten We are on Dutch/French Island of Saint Martin. Warm rain in the morning, but it war already sunny, when I was disembarking at 9 am! Where to go? I took the local microbus for 2 USD to Maho. At the end of the airport runway there is a little beach. When aiplanes are landing they are only some 20-30 meters above the sand. Tourists are coming here just to take the pictures and to feel the thrill. Locals built the bars where on the monitors you can check when the plane will be landing. The crowd is drinking beer and waiting... The beach is nice, but short, narrow and crowded. Just one more attraction for the foreigners!

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