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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Feb 16, 2024 10:00 PM Guadeloupe - Basse Terre

Guadeloupe - Basse Terre Guadeloupe has a shape of the butterfly. We stay on the left wing of the butterfly - on the south coast of Basse Terre. At the sunrise we enjoyed great view from the panoramic window of our roomy kitchen.
It is only 10- minute walk to the nearest Bananiere Beach so my companions took their chance to go there and to swim underground the palms In the warm water of the Caribbean Sea. The we drove uphill to the Corbet waterfalls hidden In the thick rainforest. From the parking there is nice, 20-minute trailer through the Fernandez trees and dense vegetation to the 2nd Corbet Fall. I like the Fall and the view on 110-meters Fall was just great! Then we were driving windy coastal Road to the little Town of Deshais - it remained something of the Old caribbean character. The final Accent of this wonderful day was the white-sand Pearl Beach - locals say it is the the most beautiful Beach on Guadeloupe- I agree!

Feb 15, 2024 10:00 PM Three flights to the Caribbean

Three flights to the Caribbean I reporter in Gda?sk airport before the sunrise. KLM flight to Amsterdam was on time and they served even a sandwich and Coffee. In AMS I had only 100 m to walk to the gate C5 to board the A220 to Paris. Coffee and cookie only!. In Paris I went Frombork terminal 2E to 2F to meeting my dear son Adam and my grandsons Piotr and Alexander. Huge boeing 777 wan already waiting... The flight to Guadeloupe took us around 9 hours. There is 5 hours time difference so we landed at midnight European time. It was dark, 25 deg Celsius and palms In front of the airport terminal. Shuttle took US to the rent a car parking. Frormalities were quick, but the gave us junk renault. I was driving this car In a dark more the 40 kms to the pension on the southern Coast. We were tired but happy. Sleep, sleep after such a long day!

Feb 14, 2024 10:00 PM New voyage - Three in one!

New voyage - Three in one! It will be a sea journey covering visits to many ports and islands. There will also be some that I haven't been on yet... Colloquially speaking, it will be "three in one" - three different ships in one big voyage and a quick turnaround in Europe to catch a ship leaving from South America back to Europe. But such cheap, although somewhat risky projects are often born in the minds of experienced travelers:
In the Caribbean I will have additional joy, because I will be sailing in the company of my son Adam and my two grandsons who permanently live in Norway. As always, you will find the "hot" news from the route of this trip in English in my travel log. - as long as I find free access to the Internet...


Feb 11, 2024 10:00 PM Memories of African penguins

Memories of African penguins It was only one week ago! South of Cape Town just near Simons Town there is little colony of the African penguins. This is a reserve and they charge 190 rands for entry. There are piers built over the sandy beach where these little creatures live. You are on the pier and they are below you... This is very good position to photograph them! The beach is full of pictureqque stone boulders ("BOULDERS BEACH"). Last expensive method to reach Simons Town is an electric train from Cape Town...

Feb 06, 2024 10:00 PM Snow in Gdansk

Snow in Gdansk My flight to Europe was departing just after midnight. 10 hours in the air, then short connection in Paris, second change of the plane in Amsterdam and I landed in Gdansk. Yesterday hot African sun. Here it was snowing... What a difference! It is time for the little rest. Then I'll make the laundry - because the next week I will be flying again to the warmth!

Feb 05, 2024 10:00 PM Safari in South Africa

Safari in South Africa In the past I visited many national parks in different African countries. Also big Kruger in South Africa. My travel companion wanted to see african animals, but we did not have time and money for the multiday expedition with overnigh stays in the park. I found the solution: in the RSA there are small, private game reserves. I decided to go to Aquila Safari located less then 200 kms drive from Cape Town.
They offer morning safari starting with... good breakfast at 7 am. Then they pack tourist into safari bus -a kind of the 4WD truck. Roads in the park are bumpy (oh my backbone!) But the ride through the bush gives a chance to see giraffes, buffalos, ostrich, zebras and antelopes, baboons and rhinos and elephants
Finally we saw lion the king with his 3 ladies. Great, half-day adventure cost us less than 100 za USD per person. Then I was driving back to Cape Town by the new, picturesque road through Ceres and Wellington....

Feb 04, 2024 10:00 PM To the South African interior

To the South African interior I decided to leave Cape Town and rent a car to go to the interior. We took road N1 heading east. Soon we were enhanced by great mountain landscapes, especially on both sides of the Hugenote Tunnel. They charge here 47 rands to pass 4-kms tunnel. Then we were crossing huge valley filled with kilometers of vine orchards.
Unfortunately along N1 thereare also shantytowns - not a pleasant view! In the midday our car was climbing a high pass enjoying great panoramas... Finally at 2 pm we reached little township Touws Riviers. 8,5 kms from the highway Hillary offers countryside accommodation in the middle of nowhere. It is small house surrounded by color hills. From the highway we were driving on gravel to the gate of farm 5 kms, then Hi?ary arrived by 4x4 truck to take us and the luggage through the holes to this separated place. This will be night in the very special place! I am tired, also because strong sun and heat...

Feb 03, 2024 10:00 PM Cape of the Good Hope

Cape of the Good Hope I have been there last time in 2005 - 19 years ago! Then it was final accent of my 4-months transafrican journey...
This is the magic place! But to go there from Vape Town you have to rent a car. It is 65 kms each way. No problem! Many car rental agancies offer here small cars with basic insurance for 26-30 dollars per day.
The route via Muizenburg, Fish Hoek and Simons Town is very picturesque. Beaches are just great! Just after Simons Town there is Boulders African Penguin Colony - great place to see those funny creatures from the short distance. They charge here 190 rand emtry fee, like 10 USD, but it is worth... Later you pay again 400 rands per head for the entry to the national park. I saw kudy antelopes, african ostrich and baboons from the car window before I reached the car park at the bottom of the rock marking the Cape. People are taking picture in front of the commemorative plaque... Only few climb to the top of this rock - the trail is in the poor shape... I did.
Then we were driving to the Cape Point - another cape, where the old lighthouse was built in 19th century. There is nice walkway and stairs heading to the lighthouse or funicular for those, who cannot climb. View from the lighthouse terrace is fantastic - you see the real Cape of Good Hope and stunning Diaz Beach between the capes. I had much better weather today then 19 years ago. Memories...

Feb 02, 2024 10:00 PM Robben Island - prison of Nelson Mandela

Robben Island - prison of Nelson Mandela If you are in Cape Town it is one of "must to see" places. On the lonely island in the bay, some 12 kms from Waterfront during colonial and apartheid times there was a heavy prison. Recently for the political prisoners. Nelson Mandela - Nobel prize winner spent there many years. Now it is converted into museum. Some 200 live now on the island - museim and services workers.
Practically the only way to visit island is to buy the package tour including RT ferry, bus transport on the island and entry fee. It costs 600 rands. No discounts, no mercy! Ferry departs every two hours to reach the island after 50 min sail.
Yes, it is interesting. You will see Mandela' poor cell, different "sections" of the prison. The guides are forrmer prisoners of Robben Island. Cloudy day, but still hot. Nice view of the Table Mountain from the ferry...
Dear Mr Admin. Since two days I cannot upload any pictures to my travel log and you are not responding my polite letters... Please do something! Thank you!

Feb 01, 2024 10:00 PM Table Mountain end to end!

Table Mountain end to end! Without spectacular Table Mountain in the background Cape Town will never be so nice. Do you know that Table Mountain is on the list of the New Seven Wonders of the World?
The weather was clear today so I decided to go up again. It cost me 99 rands for uber taxi to get to the lowes station of the Cable Way. Roung trip ticket costs 420 rands - like 20 euro. Then you wait about half an hour in the line and after few minutes of spectacular ride you are landing on the level of 1060 m above the ocean - to enjoy the great views of Cape Town and two side peaks: Lions Head and Devils Peak. Well maintained trail takes you to the others view points on the edge. The mountain is about 3 kms long. If you want to go to the other end you can cross in the middle little canyon with chains installed to help.
On the other end of Table Mountain is Maclear's Beacon 1086 m high - about 20 m higher then the upper cable car station on the opposite end. Few tourist go there. I did. It was worth!

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