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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Dec 19, 2022 12:00 AM Wedding on the beach

Wedding on the beach Caleta, where I stay is a suburb of La Romana. The only La Romana beach is located here. I took a walk to the centre of the village where tiny shops and home eaterias are located. I found barber shop - easy recognizable by loud, crazy music. How much for the haircut? 250 pesos! It is like 5 dollars. I agree and after 20 minutes the haicut was done... Then I went to the beach where local middle class enjoy the sand, warm sea and the fresh fish brought from the sea on the small boats. There is a long row of the seafood restaurants under the palms. Every restaurant offers his loud music and the result is great cacophony... At the last restaurant on the beach the wedding ceremony took place. I had the opportunity to see, how do they celebrate. Lucky me!

Dec 18, 2022 12:00 AM Disembarking in La Romana

Disembarking in La Romana It was sunrise time when we were entering tiny port of La Romana in Dominican Republic. I started a day with solid breakfast, put an extra sandwich into my bag, and at 10 am I was ready to kiss my friends and go ashore. The same terminal with palm trees and duty free shop. The same cafe, where you must order something to receive the password to wifi. Then there is immigration control: forst they ask you if you stop in Daminicana! Say no! I am only in transit othervose you will pay for carta de turista. Then they put stamp into passport - bring blue form filled up. Customs at the next table just collect the white forms. Taxis are waiting. Rates are published on board - to the city 2 km costs 15 USD. I made a better choice walking in the sun. But it was necessary to take taxi later tothe sururbs of Caleta, where I stay on the provate house, paying 27 USD per night for modest apartment with kitchen, batch and fridge. Sunny 29 deg Celsius.
Let's have a rest!

Dec 17, 2022 12:00 AM Christmas show at sea

Christmas show at sea Today is our last day aboard "Pacifica". Tomorrow we will say goodbye to this cozy ship... Everybody is packing-up his stuff. Bot there are also attractions: sun, music, dancing, meetings new friends... In the evening they invited us to the theater for the lovely Christmas show full of music, ballet dancing, video and ligh effects. I had really good time! I also meet the hostess of the English -speaking passengers. Halyna is really charming person, trying to simplify our life onboard and help everybody. She is from Ukraine. I will keep her in my best memories...

Dec 16, 2022 12:00 AM Dominica, not Dominicana!

Dominica, not Dominicana! At 8 am we docked at Roseau - capital city of independent Dominica. Only one ship can dock here - the country with 72000 citizens is poor, but picturesque. High hills covered by lush green vegetation form main element of the landscape. I eas alreaady twice here, but long time ago. Already from the upper, 12th deck I was able to see, that not much changed here. Yes, between the old wooden, colonial houses new, modern buildings appeared. Both cathedrals, anglican and catholic are still in ruin after famous Maria cyclone. Once ashore I was walking again narrow, crowded due high amount of cars streets. I went to botanical garden with nice samples of travellers palm and then I was hitchhiking to the Trafalgar Falls, hidden 7 kms away, in the mountains. You know that I am great fan of the waterfalls - I eas happy to see the new ones! The car left me at Papilotte little power station. Then there is a tiring 10-min walk up the very steep road to the ticket office where you pay 5 USD or 13 caribs for entry. Then it is 10 walk on the path through the lush jungle. At the end of the path there is a view point under the roof - both falls are visible. The left on - higher but weak is 53 m high, and the right one carrying more water is 23 m high. Great view! I returned to the ship by hitchhiking: the car took me after 2 kms walk. Blue sky, hot sun - the best if the Caribbean!

Dec 15, 2022 12:00 AM Barbados on the horizon!

Barbados on the horizon! Today in the morning after 6 days at sea I saw again the land. This was Barbados - former British colony. Last time I was here at the beginning of this year... I know very well the capital of the island - Bridgetown. where we dock. Just after breakfast I crossed the port gate, politely saying thank you to the hindered or so taxi drivers hunting for the ship's passengers. Than, after some 500 m I had a look to the market, where they sell mostly fresh fish, including big mahi-mahi. Finally I passed the parliament and crossed the second bridge to the Golden Park. Free Internet here still works! My mailbox after 6 days at sea is full. It is time to response the letters and to enjoy the news from friends! Welcome to hot but breezy Barbados!

Dec 13, 2022 12:00 AM Crossing the Atlantic once again

Crossing the Atlantic once again There is a lot to do on our ship. Trivia, quiz. Sunbathing. Reading. I brought from me my small laptop to prepare the travel report from Antarctica and my presentation. In the evening we have every day new show in the theater and plenty of good music in different locations. I like most the performance of charming Nastya from Ukraine. She is very talented, playing on the violin not only standards but also classical musis. And of course there are at least three dance floors to dance. The ocean is not rough and I have a good time!

Dec 08, 2022 12:00 AM Immaculate Concepcion

Immaculate Concepcion I am again in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is holiday here - St Mary's Day... I decited to jump on the tram ( just 1,35 euro each way for more than half an hour ride) and go to the first capital of the island: historic town of San Cristobal la Laguna. It is even nicer now with the labyrinth of narrow, pedestrian streets and restored cathedral. Unexpectedly I had a chance to see the great procession going out of the Concepcion church with the statue of Virgin Mary. Two Brass bands were playing the music and the city and clergy officials were marching along. Very nice celebration with the bells ringing and people watching the once-on-the-year event.
Back in the Santa Cruz I visited for free Casa de Carnaval - a kind of the museum where they keep nice costumes. Great day!

Dec 07, 2022 12:00 AM Captain Valentino

Captain Valentino Day at sea. Warm but windy. In the evening we (the frequent passengers of Costa) had a party with the captain... I remember him fro the cruise to Buenos Aires 3 years ago. But Captain Valentino do not remember me! :). We had a good time listening to the nice music and sipping the wine... I have also new friends from Bulgaria...

Dec 06, 2022 12:00 AM Sunny Cadiz

Sunny Cadiz I was here few years ago... Today there are 4 cruise ships in the Cadiz port. They offer free internet in the cruise terminal... Much more noise, much more traffic. But it is nice to walk again the promenade to the old City Hall, the Cathedral Square and the waterfront. The sun appeared in the afternoon and temperature raised to 22 deg Celsius. Imagine that ladies from the city info office did not hear Leo Delibes' song "Girls from Cadiz". What a shame!
I saw today something new in Cadiz: going to the end of the long causeway I found myself at the gate to the Castillo San Sebastian - lottle fortress built on the islet. The waves were high generaring quite high blows...
Torrow we have another day at sea and after we will st of on Tenerife - Canary Islands.

Dec 05, 2022 12:00 AM Sailing south...

Sailing south... Relaxing day at sea. Mediterranean Sea is very calm - I feel in my cabin like in the hotel, not like on the ship at sea. Good food, new friends, a lot of good wine and music... In the evening captains coctail with the presentation of all ship's managers. Wie will pass Gibraltar's Straight in the middle of the night.

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