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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Oct 08, 2017 12:00 AM Landing in Colon, Panama

Landing in Colon, Panama They wanted us to leave the cabins at 7 am... Not so nice... From the top deck of our ship I saw little town with the cathedral tower in the middle and huge halls of Duty Free zone on the left (closed on Sat and Sunday).
I left the ship at 9 am. Immigration formalities were suprisely quick (nobody asked for onward ticket) and the custom officer just collected signed by us delcaration forms. Welcome to hot and humid Panama!
Licensed taxi drivers were waiting in front of the terminal barrack. To get the cheaper but unlicensed you have to go left and follow long walk between two fences. Taxi to the bus station costs 5 USD per cab. It is not far but the Colon has vary bad reputation for street crime. Even through the taxi window it looks bad...
Regular bus to Albrok terminal in Panama city costs around 5 USD depending of a/c.... It is 100 kms distance, you will see canal from the bus in one point on the way.
I found without any problem my Stanford Hotel on Plaza 5 de Mayo. They charge 30 $ per single with bath and a/c. From the rĂ³om window on 5th floor I have great view of the city. It is time to adjust to the new environment :)

Oct 06, 2017 12:00 AM Arrruba in the sun

Arrruba in the sun It was raining when at sunrise time we entered Aruba cruise port. But an hour later when we docked and the ship was opened the sun appeared... What to do in Aruba after 20 years from the first visit. I decided to share the taxi to the eastern side of the island and start the walk there enjoying the beauty of the nature. The taxi to Natural Bridge on the opposite side of the island costs 28 USD - they have approved price list.
The huge rock bridge formed by the sea on the rocky coast collapsed in 2005, but nearby there is still waiting similar, but smaller baby bridge. Nice place if the waves are high like today - you can observe blowholes... Then I took the walk up the arid hills with many cacti heading to Ary Rock Formation - like 1 hour walk... And onward to Casibari Rock Formation - both are worth to see and do not require a heavy climbing.

Oct 05, 2017 12:00 AM Curacao in colors

Curacao in colors After day at sea we are docking now in Curacao - very close to the Southamerican Continent. Today it is windy, but also very hot and humid place.
I have been here some 20 years ago... Now we are docking at the new, outer pier in Otrabanda - To get to the old city from UNESCO World Heritage list I was forced to take a free ferry across the canal, because the folding bridge for walkers was open.
Yes, Willemstad has many nicely restored houses from Dutch colonial period. Curacao is like well painted box of chocolates. The main landmark is 56-m high car bridge over the canal. Once I was climbing there expecting the great view, but it is closed for walkers.
It is nice to refresh memories... tomorrow we will be in Aruba....

Oct 03, 2017 12:00 AM St Kitts - not St Maarten!!

St Kitts - not St Maarten!! Well, surprise...
Due to the effects of the hurricane our ship changed the route.
Today, after 7 days in the ocean we reached the island of St Kitts on the Caribean.
Everything goes well - I have many new friends on board.
In the afternoon I took 2 hours walk to the Timothy Hill - south of the island capital. The paved road goes there but no sidewalks so be careful. The view from the top is great!
The internet price is killing, so be patient - more news soon! :)

Oct 01, 2017 12:00 AM Days at sea...

Days at sea... This is not a luxury ship, but for the backpacker it is not important...
Carpeting is dirty. During long sea days they offer very limited number of activities. For example live music starts at 6 pm.
Fortunatele I brought with me enough readings and other work....
The Atlantic Ocean is very calm...
I like my oldtimer ship anyway - it has the special atmosphere, the number of the passenges is limited to 1300 on this specific sailing...
Two more days at sea only...

Sep 25, 2017 12:00 AM All aboard!

All aboard! Las Palmas has a nice and compact old town wort tostrol around. It is worth to look inside the St Ann cathedral ant to photograph the herd od dogs (monument) in front of it - d you know that the name of the whole archipelago "Canarias" came from canas - dogs in Spanish, not from any birds? The interior ofSanto Domingo church is even nicer...
In the back of the cathedral there s Casa de Colon - the house where Christopher Columbus stayed before his sailings to America - now there is a museum. Las Pmas has also great seaside promenade which will take you to the nice fountain - see picture.
What I do not like here? Traffic noise. Bread rolls for 0,50 euro each. Expensive transport....
But it is m last day here - soon I will walk to the cruise port to board the "Monarch" - cheap cruise ship heading to Panama. It is second-handship. When it was young and pretty it was called "Monarch of the Seas". But for the backpacer like me the price is main the factor. Yes, there is internet on board but it is weak and expensive. So the next mssage you will probably get after one week - when we willand onthe first carribean island. Keep the fingers crossed for the calm Atlantic, please!

Sep 24, 2017 12:00 AM Fiesta Nuestra Sra del Rosario

Fiesta Nuestra Sra del Rosario I speak my poor Spanish again! Yes, I have been on Gran Canaria before, but focused on the province, so it is nice to refresh memories and go deeper into Las Palmas!
Today I was lucky again. They celebrated here the fiesta of NS del Rosario. Great procession of the people and ox carts were going through the old city playing folk music, dancing, laughing. On the decorated carts there were harvested fruits and vegetables, tropical flowers but also wine, oil, rice and other goods from the shop :).
Everything was taken to the plaza near Santo Domingo church and gifted to the big statue of St Mary taken for this occasions out from the church. It seems that their St Mary loves to see people dancing because every team in folk costumes was dancing also in front of her :)
It took me 4 hours to be with them, talking, taking pictures and enjoing the atmosphere. Almost no tourists! So this was not z tourist show - that's why I liked it so much... The only sad thing to be mentioned is that I did not see there any youngsters playing or dancing. Will this colorful fiesta disappear after the oldies will pass away?

Sep 23, 2017 12:00 AM Cracow to Las Palmas

Cracow to Las Palmas My LOT flight from Gdansk to Cracow was on time. It was raining when we reached destination... Nobody checked the size and weight of my luggage, which is bigger then usually - for the 7-weeks trip. In Cracow I had a time to boil a big cup of coffee (there are sockets available opposite LOT check-in counters) and I had my lunch.... Tickets are cheap nowadays but during the flight they are giving you knly thd aater.
Then there was 5-hours flight on Ryan to Grand Canaria. The plane was almost full, little space for the legs... Uuuu.... I was happy when we landed at 6 pm local time. Then I went to departure level, crossed parking lot and found the city bus stop. To Santa Catalina underground station the ride costs 2,95 euro. One bus per hour only 18.15 19.15 and so on...
The ride took 35 min. I found easily my Alcaravaneras hostal (on the picture), where basic room with shared bath costs 16 euro. 23 deg Celsius and high humidity at twilight time. Welcome to Canary Islands!

Sep 22, 2017 12:00 AM To America, to warm America!

To America, to warm America! My backpack is packed and cleaned again... I wiill be flying out tomorrow. This will be a longer trip to unfamiliar places in Central America, where I will use ships, buses, planes, and probably also hitchhiking :) At the beginning I will fly by low-cost airline to in the Canary Islands. There I am boarding an old but cheap ship heading across the Atlantic to Panama. Then I want to visit Panamenian islands of Bocas del Toro, Colombian San Andres & Providencia and the north of Colombia - see the map. Short messages in English from the road you will find as always here - in my travel log (If cheap internet will be available, that is not obvious in this region.)


Sep 19, 2017 12:00 AM From 32 deg in Dagestan to 13 in Gdansk....

From 32 deg in Dagestan to 13 in Gdansk.... The airport of Makhachkala is located in Kaspiysk - half an hour drive south, if no traffic congestions. It was still dark at 5 am when the hotel staff called the taxi. This is the best solition because taxis from official companies are metered and the ride cost you around 470 rou. Street taxi will cost you like 700... 25 deg Celsius at 5 am!
In the little airport only one flight was departing at that time. Soon we boarded the bus and our UTair plane.
Only water is served for free on board, you can orded the meal in advance via internet but this will cost you at least 300 rou...
In Moscow Vnukovo I had a quick change of the plane and then second 1,5 hour flight to Kaliningrad. Wow! Strong wind and rain here... Brrr...
Bus to the bus station for 80 rou. Then at 3 pm long distance bus through the border to Gdansk (565 rou). 13 deg Celsius only at home.
Another interesting trip is over. I brought a nice memories from warm Caucasus...

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