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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Feb 23, 2023 12:00 AM With Tomek in Cracow

With Tomek in Cracow My flight to Israel is peparting from Krakow - historic city in the south of Poland. This was a good opportunity to meet my old friend and outstanding traveller Tomek and his wife Ola. We spend the evening exchanging travel stories, talking about travel plans and enjoying each other... Thank you Tomek for your warm hospitality? Ryanair wanted me to be in the airport 3 hours before the flight departure time, but this was nonsense, because they announced the number of the gate only 2 hours ahead. No special control for Israel-heading passengers! I was waiting in front of gate 13 hoping that if will not be fatal flight.

Feb 22, 2023 12:00 AM I travel to the warmer countries...

I travel to the warmer countries... February 2023 in Gda?sk is gray and sad, so it's no wonder that I packed my backpack and set off on another tour. Originally, it was supposed to start with a boat trip departing from Istanbul. But the shipping company canceled the cruise and I had to improvise something in this place :) I decided to fly a low-cost airline to Israel, where I was last in 1990 - 32 years ago dad. It will be nice to reminisce and visit old places! I also want to see something I haven't seen before - Masada. Then, via Cyprus, I will fly to Georgia, but only to cross the border to Turkey and cross the unknown Black Sea coast of this country. After returning from this Turkish side trip to Georgia, a cheap airline will take me to the Arab Emirates, where I will board an inexpensive ship that will take me to Europe via the ports of Oman and the Suez Canal. If on my route I will have free access to the internet saved carefully "hot" news from the route you will find, as always, in my travel log

Jan 16, 2023 12:00 AM Sweet home & Wojtkówka

Sweet home & Wojtkówka No any snow in Poland! Winters bacame very strange - you have to fly to Norway to feel the real frost :)
I have a lot to do at home after few week's absence. A lot of letters to be responsed and at least short travel report. I have to prepare also my next voyage (second part of February)
I visited my Wojtkówka - everything is OK there - cats are keeping mouses away... Let's work!

Jan 15, 2023 12:00 AM Flying to Europe

Flying to Europe This is important info for those of you who will be forced (like me) to spend a night in Doha Airport waiting for the connection. Lounges ask for 60 dollars for entry. But opposite the gate A3 there are "quiet rooms" offering for free a kind of couches (around 50 of them in the room) to rest. Ladies are separated!
My Finnair flight to Stockholm started at 8.30, I got the boarding pass at the gate...After few weeks withouts any alcohol I had a chance to try their excellent beer :)

Jan 14, 2023 12:00 AM Back to the Red Sea

Back to the Red Sea Another 400 kms to drive... We started at 9.30 am from Qunfudhah - Saudi resort town with the beach, few expensive and busy hotels and unfriendly people. It took us more than 5 hours drive to get to Jeddah with light rain on the way
sand dunes on both sides of the road and herds of camels. It was not easy to find the way to the hotel in the noisy and crowded Jeddah. My friend Piotr delivered me in the evening to the airport. Just before departure we stopped at the fuel station o the corniche. What a view! 200m plus Fountain of kong Faud (?) works again! I was so disappointed on my arriv as l to Jeddah that it doesn't work! For goodbye it was working again! The Qatar flight to Doha (2 hours 10 min)was on time. Poor meal, no beer or wine. Why they call it yhe best airline?

Jan 13, 2023 12:00 AM Saudia: from 3000 m to the sea level

Saudia: from 3000 m to the sea level Saudia: from 3000m to the sea level...Sunny morning on Abha. We spent the night on the level around 2700 m above sea! After the breakfast we pack the luggages into the car and moved to the parking near the Grand Mosque for the daylight pictures. Abha has 1 million inhabitants and is very elegant city with a lot of green. Then we started yo climb one of the holls surrounding the city - stopover at the viewpoint is obligatory! The main target of today was the historic villago built in the yemeni style: Rijal al-Ma. It lies some 50 kms from Abha in the deep valley. To get there you must drive down i the tight curves from 3000 m escarpment to some 800 m... I ts very emotional ride down. At the top there viewpoints with the herds of baboons (we saw these monkeys many times yesterday begging for food on the roadside). Great mountains views! Down in the valley we reached Rijal soon. Built from the stone on the high slope it looks like a fortress. They charge 20 SAR entry fee. There is little and poor museum, but many houses are empty and require restoration. It is still very interesting place worth to recommend. At 12.30 pm we started a long way to the Red Sea. Sand dunes on the way. Nice views of the sea coast in Ka and El Birk. After some 410 kms driven from Abha we found a inexpensive room in the little coastal town. It is jot and humid here. Great day!A

Jan 12, 2023 12:00 AM In the sun and in the mist - Saudia

In the sun and in the mist - Saudia We spent the night in El Baha on the level 2100 m above sea. At 8 am we were ready to drive down to the famous village of the stone houses Zee al-Ayn which is on the level 800 m... It is around 30 kms of picturesque, zig-zag road but... Alredy on the outskirts of Baha we experienced thick fogg. Oh my God! Terrible conditions, low speed... Only after 10 kms it became more clear and we saw all this switchbacks, viaducts and panoramas. The Zee village, nicely restored was empty. Entrance is free and we climbed all this alleys, terraces and stairs to the top. Great views reminding Machu Pitchu! In the info center there nice historic exhibition. At 11 am we started to climb the road again. Mist again -- then 350 kms drive in the clouds, rain on the ridge road to Abha. In the settlements many stone towers. We reached Abha at sunset. It was still a time for evening walk around this nice city!

Jan 11, 2023 12:00 AM Back to Saudi Arabia - to Asir Mts

Back to Saudi Arabia - to Asir Mts Our ship docked again in Jeddah at 7 am. It was time to say goodbye to "Splendida" and its nice crew. Shuttle bus took me from the pier through the port to the passenger terminal where I passed again through the slow and lazy passport and visa control. They scanned again my fingerprints and took new photo...
Ufff... In front of the terminal my good Polish friend Piotr was waiting in the rented car. Soon we were driving to the east... Our first destination - Taif was on the other side of of holy town of Mecca. As a non- moslems we were not allowed to enter Mecca so we were forced to made a big loop around this city. On the pastures we saw herds of camels, goats and sheep. Just before Taif we started to climb the high mountain wall. Great views! Taif is green city the main toirist attraction is a museum in the former house of Sharif Ali Pasha. But when we arrived it was closed (open 4pm till midnight!!) Entry fee 20 SAR. So we were driving south, in the nice mountain landscapes to Baha - almost 400 kms in total. Some 20 kms before Baha we saw first old stone towers. We have an overnight rest in the Best Home hotel. The big twin room cost 180 SAR.

Jan 10, 2023 12:00 AM Sailing Red Sea in the sun...

Sailing Red Sea in the sun... Great day! No worries, no rush... I was sunbathing on the deck more than an hour. Then meeting friends and exchanging travellers knowledge. In the afternoon our captain Antonino invited the frequent guest of the MSC cruises for the captain's coctail. He introduced the ship's officers and we were drinking Italian champagne (Pro Seco) for the next cruises with this company. I booked next cruise on their newest ship... Then everybody was taking pictures of the extraordinary sunset. At the end of the day there was show in the theater including dances, joggling and gymnastics....

Jan 09, 2023 12:00 AM Akaba in Jordan...

Akaba in Jordan... Uuuu... Cloudy morning. We are in Aqaba Bay... On the left Sinai Peninsula and Israeli town of Eljat, on the right - Kingdom of Jordan. People from the ship are very disappointed - they booked espensive full day excursiond to legendary Petra, but they were cancelled due to the snowfall. (!!!). I have been in Petra before - travelling overland by local bus... It is my third time in Aqaba. It did not changed much: the same palm - fringed avenues, the same small Arab shops. I went to the ruins of 5he catholic church frm 4th century, and then started to climb Prince Mohammed Ave up to the mosque easily visible from the ship. In the middle of the day the sun appeared. I hope there will be nice view from the top!

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