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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Oct 19, 2019 12:00 AM Cartagena de Espania

Cartagena de Espania At the sunrise we docked in the port of Cartagena. It is new port to me - I visited twice the port of Cartagena in Colombia - also historic and beautiful, but here I am for the first time... The city has nice location at the bottom of fortified hills.
The main attraction here is the Roman Theatre - they charge for entry, but the best view is for free from the garden overlooking the theatre - takr the narrow street r ight side of the entrance.
The same is on the castillo hill - there is a big terrace below he castillo with a great, free view of the area.

My tablet does not work - sorry, no more pictures... Aha, my tablet has very bad morning and now it works again (but unreliable!) So enjoy the pictures! :)

Oct 18, 2019 12:00 AM Lazy day at sea

Lazy day at sea We are sailing west... It is warm and sunny - ideal time for the sunbath. I have new friends from Bangkok - Thailand - very nice young couple... In the evening great sunset and then - lovely show in the theatre. Uuuu. it seems that my old tablet is down...

Oct 17, 2019 12:00 AM Strong sun in Cagliari

Strong sun in Cagliari Approach by the ship gives quite new perspective.... Sardinia in the sunny day looks amazing. I am here second time and it is still very pleasant to climb the narrow streets up to the castello - the oldest part of the city. For those who are tired there is a free, public elevator on the right side of the Bastionne San Remy. From the terrace there is nice view of the lower town and the port. But to each the Cathedral Santa Maria you still have to climb the streets. Cathedral has a silver, solid altar and rich marble decoration of different colors... There is also nice baroque chrch San Michele - bur, sorry open only in the early morning and in the evening. Tomorrow we have the day at sea before we will reach the Spain...

Oct 16, 2019 12:00 AM Day at sea... October 15th

Day at sea...  October 15th Sunny day at sea. I have many new friends on board. Canadians, Bazilians, Ukrainians, Austalians, Russians.... Nice to talk witha such a number of interesting people. And there is also little group from Poland!
I am sailing 6th time with this company. No wonder that the captain sent me a bottle of champagne to the cabin. He is from Odessa - wecwere talkind about his home town...
The cabin is huge, with the wide family bed which can accommodate even 3 adults. 6 pillows on my bed! I have great time listening tk the music, watching shows and.... eating, drinking, eating.... No, no, no.... :)

Oct 16, 2019 12:00 AM La Valetta - Malta, but cloudy sky...

La Valetta - Malta, but cloudy sky... It was still dark at 7 am when we docked in Valetta. But on the opposite side of the bay - with great panoramic view of the strong city walls...
They offered us a free ferry transfer to the old town. Once you are there you can take the new elevator to get to The Upper Barrakka Gardens. I expected it is also free, but sorry - you have to pay 1 euro. Descent is free. Valetta after years looks cleaner and more colorful. There is bg amount of the monuments to see. But the free wifi connection in the tourist office doesn't work -it is shame - I went to Mac....
It is bit cloudy, but still pleasant, warm weather... In the afternoon we wilbe sailing onward - To Sardinia....

Oct 15, 2019 12:00 AM Chania - Crete - October 14th

Chania - Crete   - October 14th I was here 4 years ago, but arriving by bus... Now it is the ship - giving the other perspective. The approach into the bay gives great views.... Our ship is too big to dock in the old Venetian Port of Chania. We are docking in Souda - on the other side of the peninsula. As a result to reach the old town you have togo 7 kms by shuttle bus (1,70 euro each way) or by walk. I was walking expecting nice views but it was a mistake - too much traffic all the way :)
Old Chania still has the charm. The tourist office is well hidden some 200m from the Market Hall in the new part of the town but once you will find it you will be happy having the city map and free internet.
I took the walk around the old city refreshing the memories. Churches and minarets, View of the roofs and towers from the bastion, old port with fortaleza and the lighthouse. And the crowd of tourists walkingaround ans sitting in the waterfront cafes and restaurants. The sun is strong, 26 deg Celsius and the season is still high here. The shortest ride - 15 min by horse cart costs 20 euro :) and the have the clients ( which probably didn't see the live horse before).
I have a nice time here. Tomorrow we will have the day at sea, sailing to Malta.

Oct 13, 2019 12:00 AM Gdansk to Warsaw to Piraeus

Gdansk to Warsaw to Piraeus My neighbour was so kind to drive me at 4.30 to Gdansk Airport. Thank you! This was an exceptional situation because on Sunday morning buses statr to work later. Flight to Warsaw was smooth. Then I had a time to have my breakfast. Second flight aboard Aegean Air was also nice - they served hot meal and Greek wine. After 2,5 hours in the air wd landed in Athens. I was well prepared - the bus X96 goes from here directly to Piraeus. I found the bus. The ride costs 6 euro, but the driver sent me to the kiosk to buy the ticket. I returnrd 3 min later just to see how he is closing the door and departing. Not so nice!
Next bus took me around the bay - it was like 1,5 hour to the port. Do you remember the lovely songs from "Children of the Piraeus" movie? Piraeus looks better them 3 years ago when I was here last time...
I saw my ship from the distance and it was a nice 30 min walk along the waterfront to reach the terminal. Formalities were short and soon I was in my cabin. The sun was shining from the west enriching the great panorama of the Piraeus port with ferries, churches and palm trees. We are departing at 8 pm. A toast of red wine on the deck. Your health dear friends!

Oct 12, 2019 12:00 AM I am flying to the warmth... :)

I am flying to the warmth...   :) I am flying away again to the warmer countries! In Gdansk only 10 degrees Celsius, and in Athens 26! The key to this trip is a cheap ticket for "second hand" ship sailing from Athens through the Mediterranean islands to Malaga. From there, I will take a ferry to the Spanish enclave on the African coast - to Melilla. Then I'm going by bus through Northern Morocco up to Tangier. These will be new to me and I hope - interesting places. New meetings, new people...


Oct 07, 2019 12:00 AM Back to the cold Poland...

Back to the cold Poland... It is hard to wake up at 3.30 am... But the flight will not wait for me... My host was so nice to deliver me to the airport. Zvartonots Airport is very elegant, but I was surprised to see the like of some 200 passengers waiting for the passport control... Fortunately I had enough time to wait.
We started in the dark. The only free service on Ukraine International flight to Kiev (almost 3 hours in the air) was a glass of water. I was squeezed on my seat - even low-cost airlines offer more standard spece for the legs!
In Kiev next surprise - we landed at Terminal D and low cost and charter airlines flights depart from terminal F - you have to pass the immigrations, took the shuttle bus (it goes every 30 min) and move to "F" - allow enough time planning your connection in Kiev Borispil... After enjoying yesterday 28 deg in Yerevan I suffered from only 2 deg. Celsius today in Kiev.
But Ryanair flight to Gdansk was on time and I am happy to be at home! :) Another interesting voyage is completed.
Now it is time to make the loundry, To rest a bit and... to pack the backpack again! :) soon, soon...

Oct 06, 2019 12:00 AM Etchmiandzin and Zvartonots in one day

Etchmiandzin and Zvartonots in one day It is not far from Yerevan. Bus 202 goes there charging 300 AMD for each ride. Etchmiandzin is the religious capital of Armenia - katolikos - the head if Armenian church has residence there. I have been in Etchmiandzin before - 13 years ago, but it is nice to refresh memories. I found now new, monumental gate to the compex. But the main cathedral church is being now restored. On the outskirts of the town I found lovely, classic St Hripsime church with interesting cript.
It was only 4 kms walk to come to the ruins of the cathedral church in Zvartonots. This is the only place to pay the entry fee - 1300 AMD.
Round Zvartonots cathedral was built in 7th century. 300 yers later the earthquake destoyed it. Till now it is the ruin, but with restored columns. Ornaments are really amazing. On the clear day you can see the snows of Mt Ararat in the background. Sorry, not today - it is smoggy and hazy...
I returned to my lovely Kesabella House in the late afternoon. I had another sunny, interesting day. 28 deg Celsius. Hard to read that in Poland is only 7 deg :)

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