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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Apr 04, 2020 12:00 AM View from the window

View from the window Yesterday police came twice to check if I stay at home on the quarantine. They are calling me from their car and ask to flag the hand in my window. OK!
Only 6 days left - then finally I will be able to go to my Wojtkowka.
Sun is shining today. What I can enjoy is a view from my window - can you see the deserted school building on the right side? And in the middle there is a kindergarten where my boys were growing many years ago.
Let's hope!

Mar 31, 2020 12:00 AM Snow in Gdansk

Snow in Gdansk Few days ago in the South Pacific I experience strong sun and the temperatures above 30 deg. Celsius.
It was snowing today here in Gdansk - see the winter landscape on the picture...
I am staying home without posibillity to go out. The police every day is coming to check if I am at home.
But I need to walk, walk, walk...
What can I do?

Mar 27, 2020 12:00 AM At home, sweet home...

At home, sweet home... Lovely, sunny day! The little railway station in Kostrzyn has two levels - I almost missed the proper train :) First train took me to Krzyz, second to Chojnice, third to Tczew and the last one - to Gdansk. This was quiet new to me route through the nice forests and fields of Pomerania region - through the great landscapes of Northern Poland.
Only few people travelling on the trains. Nobody uses the propection masks. But the virus must be somwhere around - according to the radio in whole Poland we have already more than 1000 coronavirus cases, 14 people died.
Streets are not empty in Gdansk, but much less people...
After the high stress of the last days I am happy to be finally in home.
Unlucky 13th voyage around the world is copleted. I still was able to see some interesting places and to meet interesting people.
But who knows when it will be possible to travel again?!

Mar 26, 2020 12:00 AM Crossing the border to Poland

Crossing the border to Poland I was heading to the Kustrin - Kietz border station where the distance to walk to the real border line is shortest (3 kms)
In Berlin I was forced to change train twice (Berlin Ost to Ostkreutz and there - the little train to Kustrin- Kietz.
It was 9 pm when I reached the final station. Only few people went out of the train. I took old, DDR-built overpass viaduct to get to the dark and empty street heading to the Odra River. After 200 m walk: What a nice surprise, passing car stops, Polish car! and charming Polish lady offers me a lift. What a nice gesture of solidarity! No control on German side On the other side of the border bridge Polisch post. They check my body temperature - it is OK! Then the passport, then they want me to fill the form - where I will be staying next 2 weeks - I must be on the self-quarantine. Stay at home, do not go out, police will check it. If you will be out, you will be punished!
2 kms away I found the Kostrzyn railway station. The guerd said that all evening trains are suspended. Next one will depart in the morning. Hostel, tourist house were closed. Fortunately I find open private pension to spend the night.

Mar 25, 2020 12:00 AM Old jumbo jet to Frankfurt

The situation was very stressing. Departure time of our charter was delayed few times. Finally at 3 am they packed us to the buses. Each bus was escorted by police car. We entered one bus by one the runway of Honolulu airport, where old jumbo was waiting. Security control and manual seach of carry on baggage was on the runway in front of the plane. Boarded! First approach to take off failed because the plane computer error - they reset the comp and tried again. Uff...
This was the longest direct flight in my traveller's career: 14,5 hours.
When we landed in Frankfurt everybody non-German was afraid if they allow let us enter Germany in virus time. Yes, they did, but you must show ticket out of Germany for plane or train. I bought train ticket to the Polish border station online. Now I am on the train going to Berlin and onward... With the mask on my face... Lucky me! :)

Mar 23, 2020 12:00 AM Honolulu again after years - new hope!

Honolulu again after years - new hope! It is Sunday late afternoon - 5 pm and we are already in Honolulu! The approach was very spectacular, we are docking west of Aloha Tower, guarded strictly by security - no chance to go ashore.
It seems that the Hawaians unfer the pressure of Federal Gvt agree let us fly out of Honolulu on the charter flights. I have a chance to fly Monday evening to Frankfurt with a group of fellow Germans. We will see... Keep your fingers crossed, please! :)

Mar 22, 2020 12:00 AM Russian roulette in the ocean...

Russian roulette in the ocean... We are still heading to Honolulu on one propeller...
The message arrived that the second ship visiting Honolulu with the hope to disembark the passengers - "Maasdam" was sent without disembarkation to California.
We got letter in the cabins that we should be ready in the late afternoon for the US immigration control because we are entering US territory (Waters in fact). Officers will arrive aboard, stamp the passports and... no, we will NOT be able to go out of the ship.
What will be next - nobody knows...
Every day I have a pleasure to meet here my new friends - Russian couple from Arkhangelsk. Valentina and Anatoli are for me the nicest people aboard "Norwegian Jewel" - see our picture... Thanks a lot for your warm friendship!

Mar 21, 2020 12:00 AM On the one engine only...

It is Saturday morning here, but Saturday evening in Europe...
Pacific became rough, the sun is shining but the waves are much higher than yesterday, we are rocking...
Yesterday there were two "Bumps" inside the ship and the captain announced that we have a technical problem and we will arrive to Honolulu on Sunday evening only... no more.
But it is visible from the aft that we are sailing now on the one engine only...
The crew do not say us all - we have more info from the net than from our captain.
People say, that the panic Hawaians will allow to disembark in Honolulu only the citizens of State of Hawaii - even mainland Americans are not allowed!. Ha, ha, ha... I see
that the word "Solidarity" is real only in Poland! But we will see tomorrow. We do not have ill people and we are after long quarantine at sea!
The crew is also not happy - most of them will have their contracts terminated and they will go home... The level of service is getting lower.
But so far the music play here like on the "Titanic"
We will see... Greetings to all of you!

Mar 20, 2020 12:00 AM Still in the Pacific, shall we disembark or not?

We are still sailing to Honolulu, yesterday in the morning we crossed the equator - they even do not mentioned that, no any celebration. On the same day we were passing Christmas Island of Kiribati where once I spent unforgetable Christmas.
The message that Honolulu will allow us only to supply came from the media and is not confirmed by the captain - so maybe? I see that there is a lot of histeria and virus panic in Hawaii. Maybe the army will protect us to go just from the ship to the airport? This ship belongs to the big US company and the majority of passengers are Americans... Maybe we will land in the US Pearl Harbour Navy Base?
I am optimistic...
We plan to reach Honolulu on Sun March 22nd morning local time....

Mar 19, 2020 12:00 AM They do not want us in Hololulu!

Bad news in the morning: The State of Hawaii does not our passengers to disembark in Honolulu, even to go directly to the airport and fly home.
We do not have any ill people aboard, but they do not care...
According to the crew we will be able only to take water and food to sail onward but where?
It is still 3 days at sea to reach Honolulu and we have already shortage of some product like the milk or fresh vegetables...
I am OK, walking every day around the ship few kilometers.
We will see. Perhaps they will disembark us in any US military base?
Who knows...
Keep your fingers crossed, dear Friends! :)

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