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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Jan 26, 2020 12:00 AM Working for the next expeditions

Working for the next expeditions We have a completely snowless winter this year on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea, with temperatures above zero. In anticipation of another trip to the world, which is to take place at the end of February, I studu on material brought from recent travels and working to gather the necessary funds. As you know, I don't have any sponsors and I earn money with my own work to implement my (often crazy) travel ideas. Recently, I have given lectures on the Central Coast - there was an opportunity to walk on the rough sea and visit fishing villages.
During my travel lectures I also promote my book. Usually there are still many questions after the lecture. I answer all - except for those that do not concern travel and countries of the world, but my personal matters (unfortunately not all listeners are tactful). Very often after the lecture, people come to me asking for a photo together. I do not refuse, because such a photo is also a nice souvenir for me from meeting with interesting (and often handsome) listeners :)

Dec 24, 2019 12:00 AM Best wishes for my friends!

Best wishes for my friends! Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year!
Some 2 weeks ago in Bariloche/Argentina I met Santa (see picture) and he promised to bring valuable gifts to me and all my friends. I already got one ( the air ticket to distant destination) Did you?
Anyway - have a joyful Christmas!

Dec 19, 2019 12:00 AM It is snowing in Norway!

It is snowing in Norway! After 12 hours in the air we landed at 3 am in London Gatwick airport. Rain. Not a best time... We were forced to wait few hours for onward flight to Oslo. My son Adam, residing in Norway was waiting for us in Gardemoen airport. So nice to see him after months! After the night on the plane I am sleepy. But it is snowing in Norway. In the evening we have a flight to Gdansk...

Dec 18, 2019 12:00 AM Flying home for Christmas....

Flying home for Christmas.... At the end of Florida street, on San Martin square there is official tourist information kiosk of Buenos Aires city. Charming lady asked about a public transport to distant Ezeiza airport said that there is city bus no 8 going every half an hour and it costs 50 pesos. To make sure that this info is reliable I was waiting yesterday 50 min on the bus stop on Avenida de Mayo. No 8 did not arrive and the local people said that the line is suspended due to the lack ob buses. That's Argentina!
Optional solution is shuttle bus Manuel Tienda Leon (600 pesos per person). But they operate from the little square near the port - quiet far from our hotel.
We used UBER. It works good - 4 minutes after I confirmed the price (825 pesos per car) elegant car was already in front of the hotel and we departed via motorway. The driver paid the road fees. 40 min later we arrived to the airport. I remember that few years ago it took me 2 hours by public bus....
The dreamliner of Norwegian is already waiting. This will be one of the longest flights in my life...

Dec 17, 2019 12:00 AM Last tango in... Buenos Aires

Last tango in... Buenos Aires Sunny day, believe or not - we did by foot 11 + 12 kms walking first to the parliament, then to Recoleta Cemetery where the most popular tomb to visit is Evita's grave. In the afternoon we took a long walk to San Telmo - the district of cobbled streets and bars. Here, in the place called El Vjiejo Almacen some 40 years ago I saw for the first time people dancing tango argentino... Ej Viejo still exists, but the surrounding changed. Today you can dance the tango with professional lady-dancer in the colorful La Boca quarter - few kms south. La Boca is small and became very tourist place! Yes, there are inexpensive city buses, but the walk in giving the chance to see the real street life and to feel the vibe of the city.
It was the last day of my stay in Argentina - tomorrow I am flying home.
I had very good time in South America, but there is no better place to spend Christmas than Gdansk...

Dec 16, 2019 12:00 AM 5432 kms - end of the epic ride :)

5432 kms - end of the epic ride  :) Today at 7.30 am after 13 days of driving around Central Argentina we returned our car in Cordoba Airport. It is hard to believe, but white logan didn't have any new scratches! Keeping in mind that about 30 percent of our road was on gravel I came to the conclusion that wwe are lucky boys :) the average consumption of the fuel was 6,6 l per 10o kms.
Rental agency delivered us to Cordoba airport and soon we departed to Buenos Aires.
Once in AEP airport we took bus 45 going to central Avenida 9 de Julio. This is my 5th visit to Buenos but is is always a pleasure to refresh memories... Hotel Porteno is just half a block from 9 de Julio and here we stay paying 27 USD for the big twin room with bath.
In the afternoon it was a time to walk to pedestrian calle Florida "-Cambio, cambio..." , San Martin Park, Plaza de Mayo with Presidential Palace. In the cathedral we wisited the gave of San Martin - the national hero - guarded by soldiers in historic uniforms (see picture). It is time to relax, but I already think about Christmas... Soon, soon...

Dec 15, 2019 12:00 AM A long way to Cordoba

A long way to Cordoba Blue sky, temperature close to 30 deg. Herds of cattle... We drove today more than 600 kms. First part of the itinerary on RN35 was hard due to the bed shape of the road. No holes, but humps and bumps, so it was necessary to slow down. After Rio Quartos we changed to RN36. This road is a new motorway - so it is a pleasure to drive along, but , of course they charge fees (65+65+60 pesos to Cordoba)..
Cordoba city changed to the better: more bright, more clean, with restored cathedral... We sprnt 2 hours walking around the old part of the city. Then it was high time to find our accommodation. Bad evening... But Friday the 13th was already yesterday!
Yes, sometimes it happens: you are coming with printed confirmation just to recognize, that the pension dissappeared. This was the case: the owner immigrated to Brazil. But my reservation on bò is still active... Luckily we found other - nice people to stay with... :)

Dec 14, 2019 12:00 AM Across La Pampa

Across La Pampa After a hard night in the poor hospedaje in Bahia Blanca ( mosquitoes and whistling shisp/ trains) we were driving north, across Argentine pampa - the grassland. It is very wide and I saw a lot of pastures with thousands cows on them. In the middle of the day we reached the capital of Pampa Province - Nice town of Santa Rosa. On the main plaza there is an interesting, modern cathedral... the tower of the cathedral has an interesting profile - I did not see anything similar in the world... Some 50 miles onward we found accommodation in the provincial hotel Ambientes Patagonia. It is quiet and great place to have the rest, to make the laundry and to prepare for tomorrow's long way to Cordoba... Roomy twin room with bath and breakfast included cost 29 USD (they are hapoy to accept dollars)

Dec 13, 2019 12:00 AM 4000 sea lions to see!

4000 sea lions to see! I didn't gave up. In the morning we started to drive RP1 rooad from the Viedma end. On this end this is paved road. It took us after 30 kms to the beach township of El Condor. Here, at the end of the beach you will find high hill with a steep cliff on the sea side. This cliffis hosting the largest colony of the parrot in thd world - they calculated the number of birds: 35000. They make a big noise. If you are lucky to be there at the low tide (this was our case) you can walk the beach ond see the birds face to face. Great experience!
Then we drove another 30 kms along the coast to Loberia. In this little settlement they cut the stairs through the cliff down to the sea. We went down, but no single lobo marino there. Let you know that the animal paradise is located 3 kms onward by the gravel road. You pay 100 pesos entry fee and walk 1 km to one of the 4 viewing balconies on the cliff. It is paranoia - from the balcony you see almost nothing. But is you will come to the edge of the cliff (take care) you will recognise the terible stink, then yoh will hear the noise and finally you will some 80 m below 4000 sea lions: big and youngsters occupying the beach at the bottom of the cliff. Bring good zoom with you for great pictures. This is great theatre... Poor Valdez (UNESCO site) - what you see here is much more interesting!
Then, happy and satisfied at 1 pm we started a long drive to Bahia Blanca. No 3 highway was difficult with dust and strong left side wind. BB is a big port and railway hub with some stylish houses in the old quarter. A lot of industry... Not much to see. But we must have a rest before the next big jump...

Dec 12, 2019 12:00 AM Rio Negro - on the gravel again!

Rio Negro - on the gravel again! Today we were driving at the beginning ruta nacional 3 north to Las Grutas. This little town is unimpressive, but there are nice beaches and dunes. Thousands of the birds are nesting in the coastal cliffs. Strong sun, strong Patagonian wind.... New experience.... Then I decided to drive gravel road RP1 instead of paved RN3. This was good decision - during 1,5 h we did not meet any other car. We were passing wild, empty beaches and coastal cliffs, great views! But finally in the middle of nowhere I stopped in front of the sign "no further passage" Sorry - we were forced to go back to roads 52 and RN3. Another adventure! :)
At 3.30 pm we entered Viedma - the capital of Rio Negro province.. It is nice city with elegant governer residence, cathedral and Salesian center. But even more interesting is little town of Carmen de Patagones on the other side of the huge Rio Negro river. We crossed thd river using the little launch - I paid 20 pesos each way. Info office near the pier gives the free maps for easy walk around the old part of the town...

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