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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Apr 02, 2024 12:00 AM Buzios of Brigitte Bardot

Buzios of Brigitte Bardot Buzios, where I landed today lies on the hilly peninsula. It is well-known resort in Brazil. Bo you remember sexy actress Brigitte Bardot? Old generation remember! She was living here with her Brazilion boy. It promoted Buzios a lot. Today she has a momument on the coastal promenade. She is sitting on her suitcase, keeping a hat in her hand. The Brazilian boy is missing, but there is another man - can you recognize him?
Local agency organizes for 70 reais pp = 14 USD tour around peninsula in safari-bus. I went with them to the beaches and view points. Panoramas are beautiful but Buzios is crowded and bit noisy. Anyway I was happy to see one more new place.

Apr 01, 2024 12:00 AM Through the jungle to Lopez Mendes

Through the jungle to Lopez Mendes Ilha Grande, where I landed today is quite different. It is wild, has no roads and only limited amount of cars...instead it has green mountains on the interior and many nice, pristine beaches in the different bays. The bays are reacheable by water taxis ,- noisy speeedboats jumping on the waves. I had a backbone problem so I found other solution: at 10.30 am a slowboat (like old schooner) is feparting to isolated Praia Pouso. Round trip ticket costs 50 reais or 10 USD. After 1 hour sailing I disembarked in Pouso. There is clear path through the lush jungle, under the enormous bamboo trees to great beach Lopez Mendes. It took me 5 quarters each way to reach this paradise without any commerce or beach umbrellas. There were only a dozen people spread out on 1 km of wide beach. Real paradise. But bring enouch water!

Mar 31, 2024 12:00 AM Island really beautiful..

Island really beautiful.. Happy Easter dear Friends! Ilhabela means Beautiful Island. Here I am, at the eastern coast of Brazil. No port. We were using tenders to get ashore. Little, old settlement under the palm trees. Near the pier people from agencies offer inexpensive passeios - excursions in the safari - jeeps. Half day tour to the beaches and waterfalls cost 25 USD pp. I signed for and it eas good choice - we went along the coast where in total 23 beaches offer clean sand an water to Curral Beach (stop) and oneard to Tres Tombos Waterfall hidden in the tropical jungle. Entry is free. The path to the upper, 3rd cascade is temporary closed) then we turned back to the coast, made a stop at Goats Island and proceed to Acqua Branca Fall. I enjoyed the falls... On the way back we stopped at open - air gallery of the metal sculptures showing last days of Christ.
After return to Villa (old city) I was lucky to get free wi-fi at the one of souvenir shops. It is a problem in Ilhabela!

Mar 30, 2024 12:00 AM Embarking Big Ship

Embarking Big Ship I landed on Dao Paulo airport at Tired,.. After immigrations I went from terminal 3 to terminal 2 (there is passage on the upper, departure level) then at the exit from the building on lower, arrival level there is little Cometa bus ticket office. One ticket to Santos fer 9.30 am! Sorry first avalailable seat is for 12.10! Sheet! It os result of Easter traffic!
I went to the platform anyway, waiting for the end of check-in and asking the driver for help. Yes, he found the space for me and soon we were passing green, picture mountains heading to the coast. Paying 50 reais a 2 hours I was in Santos. Friendly Brazilian couple (thank you VV!) called uber and soon we went together to the distant cruise terminal. The boarding was long, but due to my gold status I passed with priority. Welcome aboard "Grandiosa!"

Mar 29, 2024 12:00 AM Two trains, two planes, one bus...

Two trains, two planes, one bus... Bye, bye "Costa Fortuna"!! It was raining in the morning when we entered the port of Savona. But when I was disembarking the ship at 9.20 the rain stopped. Lucky me! I don't have umbrella and it is half an hour walk from the port to the station. Intercity train to Milan departed on time. Ticket cost 20 euro of you buy on advance. I do hope that the rest of the journey will be also smooth...
Later: I arrive to Milano Centrale at 1 pm. In the huge station building you have to go to platform 1 to catch the Malpensa Express train heading to distant Malpensa airport. Ticket costs 13 euro in the machine. Before 3 pm I reached the airport. I am waiting for the flight to Lisbon.
So far everything goes well! :)

Mar 28, 2024 12:00 AM Sun over Marseille

Sun over Marseille The weather forecast for Marseilles I received yesterday was very pessimistic: rain. But when we arrived today it was sunny and I decided once again walk to the center of this interesting but a bit dangerous city. From the port gate they offer free shuttle bus to Joliet Square. Then I walked to the huge cathedral church Notre Dame de la Mayor. It is impressing! Then I folloved to the Old Port with a yachts and fishing boats and a great view of the basilica Notre Dame on the hill.
Today is the last day on this ship. I have to pack-up to be ready tomorrow morning for the long flight to Lisbon and onward - to South America! Please keep the fingers crossed for the connections! :)

Mar 27, 2024 12:00 AM La Rambla is green already!

La Rambla is green already! We stopped for just half a day in Barcelona. Sunny but windy day. I have a great pleasure to walk from the port through Europa's Bridge to the Columbus column and onward - with a crowd of tourists up the Rambla! Prices are growing: you will pay 20 euro fo return cable car journey from WTC or 22 euro if you want to visit ornste Palacio de la Musica. Sorry - I enjoyed only outside view and free wifi. But I was already here with my friend Jorge - outstanding Spanish traveller. Do you remember, Jorge? I like Batcelona. There is a Polish song "I know tiny street in Barcelona where you feel the smell of apple flowers" No apple trees in blossom, but Rambla is already light green!

Mar 24, 2024 12:00 AM Palm Sunday in Santa Cruz

Palm Sunday in Santa Cruz After 6 days in the ocean today in the morning we arrived to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. No wind, no rain. Opimistic sun is shining... At 9 am I was already ashore... To check my mailboxes and to response most important letters. They offer here free internet connection in the city tourist office, but not in the cruise terminal.
I was lucky to attend the procession around the old Concepcion church in the old town. The people was not carrying palm leaves, but the branches of olive tree.
I am optimistic - on Wednesday we will be in Barcelona and on Friday I will begin the third part of my epic journey...

Mar 22, 2024 12:00 AM Captain Andrea

Captain Andrea I met my captain already few times, asking by the way for the informal picture. He was saying that he cannot do that because in his contract he signed that he will be photographed with passengers only with the professional ship's paparazzi's. They charge later for such a pucture 15 euro.
But today I as lucky to meet him on the deck where I was walking to stretch the legs. Here is the picture with my 39th captain...

Mar 21, 2024 12:00 AM Crossing the Tropic of Cancer

Crossing the Tropic of Cancer Our cruise director - pretty and elegant Sabrina announced that Neptune will come aboard to giva us a permission to cross the tropic (unfortunately we do not cross the equator). There was a lot of fun and the volunteers were baptized to have a picture... One more occasion to kill the time...

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