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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Dec 06, 2018 12:00 AM Diamantina - the diamonds are here

Diamantina - the diamonds are here What a name of the city! In the colonial times they were mining diamonds here. They still mine them here (legally or illegaly) The city gets rich. Many elegant churches and public buildings were built. Now they are nicely restored and as a UNESCO place they bacame a great tourist attraction. But very few tourists come here - it is 5 hours bus drive from Belo Horizonte and much more from Rio or Sao Paulo.
I was walking today steep, cobbled streets enjoying the old architecture. The Diamond Museum close to cathedral is worth a visit and is free.
The heat is acceptable because it is 1100 m above sea level. Nice and safe place! Kilo of bananas costs 3 reals and a dozen of eggs - 4 reals. :)

Dec 05, 2018 12:00 AM By bus to Diamantina...

By bus to Diamantina... The air humidity is very high here. In the morning my laundry is still wet. At 10.30 I have a bus to Diamantina - the northernmost point on my route on Estrada Real...
Ticket cost me 23,50 BRL and this was 3 hours ride.
The conductor (all them wear nice uniforms) tried to explain me something, but sorry, in Portuguese only. I understood later - I was forced to change the bus in a little town on the way.
The landscape was nice all the way. We were picking people in many places - sometimes in the middle of nowhere. Then I saw Diamantina - the town bigger than Serro and Conceicao... We passed through industrial suburbs. Rodoviaria - the bus terminal is at the edge of the old town. I started the walk to my host delighted by the old architecture. Beautiful historic town! No wonder that it is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage.
I found the address. The gate is closed firmly. Only the dogs bark inside. So where is my Couchsurfing host?

Dec 04, 2018 12:00 AM Colonial Serro

Colonial Serro In the morning my host gave me a lift back to the asphalt road. It was 20 kms of mud... We spent some time in Conceicao old town with cobbled streets and few nice churches. Then I embarked the public bus heading to Serro. For 60 kms ride I paid by card 24 BRL. I hoped that on the main road it will take me like an hour to reach Serro. No, no, no...
Most of this important road is still gravel & mud... Big lorries were passing by while we were waiting in few places. Finally I reached rodoviaria (bus terminal) on the outskirts of Serro after 2 hours...
In fact it is the frirst town on the Estrada Real (King's Road) I visit. And I am enchanted. Streets cobbled by the big stones, nicely decorated mansions, many churches... It is worth to climb to Sta Rita built on the hill for the great view. From the window in my pousada I have great panorama of the town and the green hills around. The only problem I see are the cars - allowed to park in the narrow streets. But Serro still has the great colonial atmosphere! Nobody in the tourist office speaks any English - if the case of emergency they use smartphone to translate the phrase - like in China... :)

Dec 03, 2018 12:00 AM 2000 kms of country roads...

2000 kms of country roads... In the province of Conceicao do Mato Dentro whe I am they have 2000 kms of red, muddy, bumpy roads sneaking up and down green, rolling hills. It is undiscovered paradise for 4WD lovers. Those roads are crossing streams and rivers, they lead to the view points and great waterfalls. I am not a 4WD drive lover, but today I had a good sample of such an adventure. It was rainny in the morning but my host in Tabuleiro - Sr Ricardo offered to took me with his 2WD car to the Horse Tail waterfall - 10 kms away. Why not?
Only once per week - on Thursday public bus goes in the morning from the mountains to Conceicao, returning same day in the afternoon, so for the single traveller such a kind offer is great. We were going on the red roads in the pasture an forestal landscape, passing lonely fazendas and enjoying the views. We were close to the Peixe Tolo Canyon, where from the entrance you can walk up 1 hour to the second high waterfall of Brazil and another 1 hour to the end of the canyon with much lower fall.
Then we took another road challenge to Horse Tail, but the level of the river to cross was to high for 2WD. Bad luck. Same situation was in the afternoon, when I tried to walk to Congonhas waterfall - 4 kms up and down from Tabuleiro... But I still saw a lot! Just let you know that the driest season here is from May to August - nobody told me that! :)

Dec 02, 2018 12:00 AM Climbing to Cachoeira

Climbing to Cachoeira It was already dark yesterday evening when I reached by steep country road little village of Tabuleiro. I spent the night in tne cozy and lush Villa Tabuleiro. It was raining whole night...
The main attraction of the area is Cachoeira de Tabuleiro - the third highest waterfall in Brazil, 273 m high! It was not raining in the morning so just after a breakfast included in the room rate (100 BRL) I started 4 kms walk to the park gate. Not easy task because the red, muddy road goes mostly uphill... The waterfall is visible already from the park gate (they were very nice to me, sorry - no maps but also no entry fees).
Once you crossed the gate you have a choice of 3 paths: left one goes down to the pool under the fall, central - to the best view point opposite the fall. The right one climbes to the top of the fall....
I did the central and the left and I am enchanted. Who knows about Tabuleiro? It reminds me Angel Fall visited many years ago...
More in the separate report....

Dec 01, 2018 12:00 AM Landed in Brazil!

Landed in Brazil! Ufff! It is hot, hot, hot and humid here! After four days Atlantic crossing our junk ship reached Recife in Brazil. I disembarked as early as possible... I have been in Recife already twice, so now it is for me only transit point. They took us from the ship to the terminal by free shuttle bus to avoid crossing through the bumpy terrain of commercial port. Then in the terminal a local Permambuco Band was waiting for us with dancers (see picture).
Passengers took the taxis to go to the hotels or airport. But not me - the budget traveller! :)
I went 150 m to the high Preifeiture building to take there a city bus 117 or 107 going to the train station - 3,20 BRL. Then on the suburban train station the people showed me tha way to the platform for train going to the airport. They said it is free (probably because the entry gates are broken) . I disembarked on the sixth station and took a covered path -like 400 m - to the Recife airport terminal building. Right now I am waiting at the gate for the flight to Belo Horizonte. So far everything goes well. People here are nice to me. Welcome to the hot and humid Brazil!

Nov 26, 2018 12:00 AM Sao Vincente on Cabo Verde

Sao Vincente on Cabo Verde After two sea days todaywe are again ontha land - the sun is shinning over Sao Vincente island. I was here years ago, but alone and I did not see much out of Mindelo - the capital of the island. Today's Mindelo is nicer that 15 years ago - many colonial buildings are restored.
With my friends from the ship we rented a junk car with the local driver to go to Calhau on the eastern coast and then - by the new, coastal road to Baia das Gatas. There are nice views of the mountains and the beaches on that side of Sao Vincente - see my picture gallery!.
We also climbed by narrow road to the highest point of the island - Monte Verde. There is a nice view from the top, but the day was a bit hazy so the pictures are so-so.
In the afternoon in Mindelo I visited local university and met the students. They were very funny an courious - see the picture... I am always happy to talk with the locals...
In the evening our ship is sailing across the Atlantic to Brazil. Four sea days.... So the next message you will get probably on Dec 1st. Please keep the fingers crossed for the calm ocean! :)

Nov 23, 2018 12:00 AM Black Friday on Tenerife

Black Friday on Tenerife The north end of the island was green and sunny when we approached Tenerife this morning. The rest was dark and rainy. And on the juction there was great rainbow.
I was here already twice but it is still smoething new to see - on the edge of Santa Cruz town I found Military Museum located in the old fort. Very interesting, empty and entrance is free!
Then I was walking well known street with palms and flowers...
There is still one problem: my painfull tooth. I found the public health center but no dentist today, Then the private clinic: they are already out for weekend... Reak black Friday for me.
In the evening we will sail to Cabo Verde. Is my organism stron enough to figh with the infection?

Nov 20, 2018 12:00 AM Sailing to Alicante

Sailing to Alicante Everything goes well (except my tooth...) Yesterday I boarded the ship, I got a cozy single cabin, the captain send me to the cabin a bottle of champagne (they appreciate the frequent passenger)
Then we had spectacular departure from the lighted port of Barcelona.
Today we are in the pretty port of Alicante. I is my first time here. Alicante has lovely location with a nice castle of St Barbara on the rocky hill. After crawling the old town I climbed the hill (it is possible from the back side - from the front they offer lift from the tunnel for 2,70 euro. There is nice view of the city and the whole coasline from the walls and the exhibition about the history. In the afternoon we will be sailing to the Canary Islands.

Nov 19, 2018 12:00 AM The ship is waiting in Barcelona!

The ship is waiting in Barcelona! I was sleeping like a baby in my capsule (see picture). In fact it is miniature single room with shared bath... I was the only guest this night and it was quiet... Just in case you are reciving from the reception free earplugs (but no towel).
Terminal is just 100 m away and soon I am flying on lowcost Ryan to Barcelona. Then there will be city bus to Plaza Espana and 5 kms walk to the port where my ship is waiting for me, I believe.
The internet connection from the ship is weak and very expensive sodo not be surprised if there will not be a message from me. Ahoy!

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