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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Apr 09, 2018 12:00 AM Surprise: We are Sailing north

Surprise: We are Sailing north It was sunny afternoon yesterday when our captain announced that due to the stormy weather in the English Channel we do not go west - to the La Manche, but north - to the top of the UK... not clockwise but anticlockwise around British Islands.... So today we have a day at sea... I have a time to go around the ship, to attend the party for solo travellers (My team won a quiz and we get the vouchers for two drinks :) ). In the crew there are many Ukrainians and Romanians... I like especially the musicians. We experience the swinging of the ship... In the evaning Abba show in the theater and welcome meeting with cpt. Zhukov - he is Russian...

Apr 08, 2018 12:00 AM Early flight to Amsterdam

Early flight to Amsterdam 4 am wake-up to be at 5.15 at the Gdansk airport. KLM plane was already waiting. Ittook us 1,5 hours to get to Amsterdam. I was impressed by the good service - they offer two sandwiches, juice, tea or cooffe and even a beer for those who like it! Nice and warm weather in Amsterdam Airport but... in the tourust office they do not have free city maps. If you want one you have to pay 2,50 euro...
The train from the airport to the central stationcosts already 5,30 euro!
Once in the center I took the walk to the Cruise Passenger Terminal. It is like 20 min walk only, but use the "ferry" exit from the station and walk along the canal, otherwise you will make a big loop. Thousands of bikes parked on the bank of the canals.
At 11 am I checked in and they allowed me to board the ship. It is old "Magellan", built in 1985 for Carnival Cruises. Not so nice, with dirty carpeting and dark inside cabins. So why I am here? Because low price and interesting route - nobody else do it...
After boat drill at 2.30 pm I had a time to go outside and take a walk. We are departing at 6 p.m.

Apr 07, 2018 12:00 AM New Maritime Voyage!

New Maritime Voyage! Two weeks after return from Central America I am setting off on a sea voyage! But this will be not an expedition ...:) A small ship leaving Amsterdam will take me on a cruise around the British Isles. It consisted that until now, busy with world-wide traveling, so far I had no opportunity to explore smaller and larger islands scattered around England. It will be a relaxing journey, and if only the weather will be good I hope to bring from it interesting photos. So please keep your fingers crossed for the good weather!

Mar 31, 2018 12:00 AM Easter Island for Easter

Easter Island for Easter Ooops! I reached maximum number of pictures I can upload to Globosapiens collection in March... Well, tomorrow will be April and new voyage is ahead of me.

Today, just one day before Easter Sunday Radio Gdansk invited me for the live talk on the air about my two stays on Easter Island (do you remember - last time I spent Easter there?). The journalist asking the questions - Beata Szewczyk - is a charming person. She was very kind to me, emphasizing my great traveller's output. Can you imagine that 2 hours on the air was not enough to talk about all interesting subjects?

Mar 26, 2018 12:00 AM Frosty Oslo

Frosty Oslo Our dreamliner was almost full, but the seat next to me remained empty, so I had quite comfortable location. All for less then 200 USD Los Angeles to Gdansk! The only thing you have to remember is to bring your own sandwiches and drinks - those offered onboard are rather expensive.... After 10 hours on the Norwegian flight we landed at 4 pm in Oslo. Piles of snow in the airport. Minus 2 deg Celsius. Welcome to the frosty Europe!... I am waiting for the flight to Gdansk. The big trip is almost over...

Mar 25, 2018 12:00 AM Something new - Crystal Cathedral

Something new - Crystal Cathedral Sunny daay in California. There are many attraction to see around Los Angeles. The problem is that distances are big, so traver by car is the only solution. I have been to LA many times but Zbyszek found for me one more unknown place - he drove me to the Crystal Cathedral in Anaheim, Organge County near Los Angeles.
It took us like 40 minutes by the freeways empty on Sunday to get to this interesting place. Yes, it is worth to see. It is modern church, but the architecture is unusual. Glass dominates in the construction. Bell tower is just fantastic. I did not see in the world similar church.
The main church building is under renovation, but will be opened at the end of this year.
There is nice park around with sculptures and twelve fountains symbolizing 12 apostles. I was impressed! - see the picture...
It is my last day in California, in the evening I am flying to Oslo and onward to Gdansk...

Mar 24, 2018 12:00 AM California- not so blue in the morning...

California- not so blue in the morning... Yes, this was a challenge. Shame on you, Greyhound... Long distance buses in Mexico are more comfortable and cheaper then your vehicles! In the 80-ties I was traveliing with Greyhound coast to coast and... sorry, I cannot see changes for better... They have new buses with bigger windows now, and the wi-fi internet, who works only when the bus is in the town areas. But that's all new. Our first vehicle was a junk - the drivers stopped few times to close manually front doors... The bus was full... The society in the bus... The culture... Oh, my God!
OK. After 25 hours on the road at sunrise time we reached Indio, California. I saw again snow-topped moutains and a lot of wind farms producing electric power. Grey sky... Than a maze of highways and - at 9.20 am Pacific Time I finally saw in the distance the skyscrapers of the Los Angeles downtown. The Greyhound LA station is not imposing. But after 28 hours trip I was happy to disembark and to say goodbye to Greyhound. The sun appeared and few minutes later I saw friendly face of Zbyszek. It is so nice to see him after years. The grand bus journey - more then 5000 kms from Cancun is completed. Let's have a rest!

Mar 23, 2018 12:00 AM 28 hours on the bus - seems to be a challenge!

28 hours on the bus - seems to be a challenge! In 1981 I was travelling for the first time across the USA by Greyhound buses. Every second night was spend on the bus to save my dollars for visiting new places. But it never was 28 hours in one piece... Today I started such a long trip because my cheap return flight to Poland will depart on Sunday from Los Angeles. The bus has wi-fi so I am sending this message from the bus. We started from San Antonio early in the morning - in the dark. Want you know where I am at the moment? Open the page and insert schedule 1419.

Mar 22, 2018 12:00 AM Pilgrimage to four missions...

Pilgrimage to four missions... I am in San Antonio, Texas. I have been here already in 1981 for the short time so I know what is Alamo where they are bringing almost every school child. The national sanctuary - little building of the former mission is now hidden between the skyscrapers of the downtown and looks even smaller then years ago. Entry is free, but photography in the church forbidden and you have to take your hat off.
Few visitors know that Alamo (formally: mission of San Antonio de Vallera) was just one of five built on the Spanish trail through Texas. Going south along San Antonio River you can see four other historic missions - well restored. They are now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Entry is free...
That's what I did today. From Alamo I was walking mission to mission:
Conception, San Jose, San Juan and Espada enjoying the beauty of the old architecture and serenity of the river. They built along the river excellent path, used also by bikers. It is 10,5 mile long - like 17 kms.
In the last, Espada mission I met charming lady-ranger (it is National Park). Carmelita was very surprised that I walked such a distance - Americans do nit do that... I received congratulations and returned happy by last city bus 5.20 pm paying as a senior 0,65$. What a day for just less then one dollar ! :)

Mar 21, 2018 12:00 AM The devil took me to Laredo... :)

The devil took me to Laredo...  :) Do you remember this popular Baccara Duo song? This morning I took the metro linea 2 (yes, there is subway in Monterrey) to get to the final station Sendero, where Greyhound bus terminal is located. The ride cost me 4,50 pesos. They in the cloudy morning we were driving to Nuevo Laredo with some views of the mountains and pastures. In Mexican border town I changed the bus - it took me through the bridge on Rio Grande river to the US immigration post. Everything was OK - they screened my bag and collected 6 dollars entry fee! So I am back in the USA, in Texas. Waiting for the next bus I had a chance to take a walk around central, old quarter of Laredo. It is not a big town...

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