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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Mar 05, 2023 12:00 AM Sunny Cyprus...

Sunny Cyprus... I have neen here already with my son Adam. 28 years ago! Cyprus today isore or less the same. After heavy militarized and suspicious Israel is like sample of liberty. I took a long walk, visiting the centre of Larnaca. It's fort on the beach and netx to: the Grand Mosque (not too big in fact). The most impressive landdmark is St Lasarus church with a bright iconostasis and silver sarcophagus housing the remains of the saint. From there I took a 5-kms walk to the aqueduct on the outskirts of the town. Few tourists go there, but it is worth to see: about 500 m long and well-restored. See the picture! Then again 5-kms walk to my pension threugh the peripheral streets with prange trees aroun small houses... A 1-litre box of Spanish wine cost just 2 euro. I think I deserved it, especially after "dry" Israel! :)

Mar 04, 2023 12:00 AM Flight delayed 2,5 hours..

Flight delayed 2,5 hours.. Saturday or Sabbath in Jerusalem. Imagine that I found inexpensive solution to go to the airport! Here is the message worth at least 60 USD: on Ben Yehuda 23 (pedestrian street) upstairs there is shuttle agency operating also in Sabbath. Go there the day before, give address and they will pick you up on time. Payment - 66 NIS cash only directly to the driver of the van.
It took us almost an hour to reach airport. Let you know that different controls took there at least another hour. Be early!
Ironically my wizz flight to Larnaca was delayed 2,5 hours. I landed on Cyprus only before 5 pm. Immigration is easy. I went then to the upper (departure) level, turned left and there is the bus stop of 425 bus going to the center of Larnaca. One ride costs 2 euro paid to the driver _ cash euro only! The bus goes slowly, sneaking on the way so it was already dusk when I reached the door of my pension. Welcome to Cyprus!

Mar 03, 2023 12:00 AM Last walk through Jerusalem...

Last walk through Jerusalem... Millions pilgrims and soldiers through the ages walked the cobbled streets of this magic city. I am the one... But in the morning I visited the grocery market just off the Jaffa Street. Prices are lower here (kilo of bananas 5-6 NIS) and it is important to make shopping because on the evening everything will be closed due to Sabbath.
Then I took the walk to the parliament building. It is isoloted, but the menorah monument is wirth to see. Israel museum is just nearby (55 NIS entry fee).
After a long walk I found myself in front of Damascus Gate to see the enormous crowd of Arabs swimming out of the Old City.
It is Friday - holy day for the Muslims and they just finished their praying in the Mosque on the Rock. So interesting!

Mar 02, 2023 12:00 AM Dead Sea & Masada

Dead Sea & Masada When I was in Israel years ago I was swimming in the over-salted Dead Sea, but I did not have enough time to visit Masada. Today in the morning I went to the central bus station in Jeru. On the info window they printed for me great weekly timetable for the green bus 486 going there. But they do not sell paper tickets! You have to buy electronic card for 5 NIS cash only and then load on the card 32 NIS for round trip ticket. Could be cash or credit card. We departed at 9 am heading to Allenby Bridge, but turning right before it. The road goes along the Dead Sea. The only attraction on the way in the deserted landscape is En Gedi oasis with palms and lush vegetation. Then nice mountains on the right side and turquoise, hazy Dead Sea on the left. We reached Masada after 1,5 hour drive.
What is Masada? It is fortres in the ruin, located on the 300-m high lonely mountain. Just after Christ Israeli rebels were defendin Masada attacked by Roman legions. They lose, but for Jews Masada remains heroic place. And it is on the UNESCO World Helitage List. You can use cableway to get up (77 NIS round trip or 44 one-way) If you want to climb the comfortable path in the heat (approx. 50 min each way) you still have to pay 33. Strange! Great views from the top and good explanation of the ruins - allow at least one hour on the upper level! Absolutely worth to see!

Mar 01, 2023 12:00 AM Climbing Mount Olives

Climbing Mount Olives Sunny day in Jerusalem. I started my walk under the walls of the old town heading first to Zion Gate. There are interesting places to visit near Zion Gate: room of the Last Supper and King David Tomb. The tomb is especially interesting because Hassids are praying there in their traditional dressing. Then I wal walking to Dung Gate and onward - to Valley of Kidron to see enormous necropolis with the outstanding tomb of Abshalom. On the other side of the valley there is Mount Olives with famous Gethsemane chirch at the bottom. If you are fit you can climb steep street to the great viewpoint offering the best panoramic view of Jerusalem. On the top of Mt Olives there is Pater Noster church but it was closed till 2 pm. The view was great... The descent less impressive... :). It is also possible to ride a bis to the top... Uff, hot, but interesting day!

Feb 28, 2023 12:00 AM Wandering 0ld Jerusalem

Wandering 0ld Jerusalem This is the city of 3 religions, one of the most interesting cities of the world regarding the history. It was sunny morning when I war walking to the Jaffa Gate dominated by the Tower of David - the most impressive part of the Jerusalem city walls. Once inside narrow and atmospheric David street took me to the Western Wall - holliest place for Jews. They are coming here to pray at the wall of their destroyad temple. On the other side of the wall is famous Dome of the Rock Muslim temple. Foreigners are alloved to visit this guarded area only from 12.30 to 13.30. It is worth to wait to get there on the wooden bridge from Western Wall area. Golden dome on the blue walls of the temple are very impressive... Only Muslim can go inside - to pray. Then I was following Via Dolorosa yo the Catholic Church of the Holy Sepulchre... Very spiritual day!

Feb 27, 2023 12:00 AM By train to Jerusalem...

By train to Jerusalem... It took me an hour walk to reach Hahagana train station - closest to Yaffa. I crossed many small, busy streets enjoying the everyday views of Tel Aviv. The station was also small, but at the entrance security screened all luggages. A ticket for 40- minutes journey to Jerusalem costs 24 NIS. No senior discounts for the foreigners! They respect only their own seniors... The only station on the route was Ben Gurion airport! Then I saw through the window hills dotted by many white stones and darkness of tunnels. Jerusalem station is deep underground and you need to use lift to get to the daylight.
I went out and I sew the different city than 32 years ago: they destroyed stoney houses with iron balconies and built modern high buildings... Uuuu... And the works are still on!
Just opposite Navon train station you will find Central Bus station packed with shops. I was walking another half an hour along Yafo and King George streets to get to my Jeru Capsule Hotel. It has nice lobby with free tea & coffee, but that's all. Tomorrow I will stroll old Jerusalem...

Feb 26, 2023 12:00 AM Tel Aviv beach walk

Tel Aviv beach walk They charge here 5,5 NIS for the ride on city buses, no discounts! Bit it is much nicer to take a long walk along the beaches and shady boulevards. I started in the full sun at 9.30 am going from Jaffa beach all over the way to the marina and onward to TLV port, passing big, elegant hotels. Especially the stretch after Hilton is nice - there is a path on the cliff giving you wede panorama of the beaches: the gay beach and orthodox beach, where ladies sunbath separated from the men. On the way back I was walking shaddy Dizengoff Boulevard full of shops, street cafes and cars. Turning under yhe skyscrapers in the crnter to George V soon I found myself at the entrance to Carmel Market - the main bazaar of Tel Aviv. In fact it is one long street full of stalls - colorful and interesting. Finally I was Able to change money: they are giving 3,62 NIS for one dollar...

Feb 25, 2023 12:00 AM A walk to Old Jaffa

A walk to Old Jaffa Tel Aviv has very short history. 100 years ago - they said - on the site of today's TLV there were only coastal dunes. But close to this place on the coast there was Jaffa port. I was walking today to old Jaffa to refresh memories. Along the coast they built nice promenade headind to the easy bisible on the horizon the tower of St Petrus church and monastery. The little fishing and yacht port is picturesque and from the port you can take a stone steps up to the hill to see the historic buildings and to enjoy the panoramic view of the city beaches with skyscrapers in the background. There is a flea market close to the clock tower but today - during Sabbath - it was closed. I ealked back to my Pod Hotel enjoying palm trees and flowers... Nice day but "never more on Saturday to Israel".

Feb 24, 2023 12:00 AM Avoid Saturday going to Israel!

Avoid Saturday going to Israel! The 3,5 hour flight Cracow to Tel Aviv was OK. The plane docked at the bridge. We went out to the building and experienced big disappointment. No info, bad organized service. In the corridor to the immigration control there are units to scan your biometric passport, analyzing your data and issuing credit card - like landing permit valid 3 months. Nobody explain this, no help. But I got mine anyway! 100 m onward are normal imm. boths. And 200m-long line of waiting people. I was thinking that this is line for those who do not have biometric pass... No, no, no - go to the line anyway. Because you will be investigated there and you will receive little brown paper - this will be you ticket to the electronic gate to the freedom. MY pass had too many stamps - they asked me a lot of questions, but finally I got brown paper... Then customs were not interested to open my backpack.
5.30 pm - I wanted to go down to the railway station to go to the city. Bad surprise! Sabbath started already: no trains, no public buses, no choice, no help! You are on the mercy of bad taxi drivers. They ask as much as 250 shekel to Tel Aviv Center. Sheet! Is this civilized country? There are other people than Jews also here! Fortunately I met two ladies from California suffering from the same situation. We shared the taxi paying 20 USD each. I found my WOM Beach hotel. It is not capsule hotel. It is something new - pod hotel with micro- rooms with upper or lower beds. Let's have a rest! Remember: they start Sabbath already around 4 pm on Friday and close everything!

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