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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Apr 17, 2023 12:00 AM Rio de Janeiro in all colors!

Rio de Janeiro in all colors! We were sailing whole night. I woke up already at 5.30 am. - from my experience the entrance to Rio de Janeiro bay coult be very spectacular. It was, because the weather was excellent. We docked near the old port barracks converted to the terminal. I have been in lovely Rio five times or so... But the weather never was as clear as today. I took again the minibus to Corcovado mountain (700-m high) where 48-m high monument of Christ stands. It is necessary to pay 55 reais entry fee to the park, but park microbus on the upper stage is included.
The view was very spectacular! Once down in the city I still had a time to see Maracana stadium, sambodrom, and all famous beaches. What a day! Next two days we will spend in the ocean, sailing to Salvador...

Apr 16, 2023 12:00 AM Brazil: Sao Paulo to Santos

Brazil: Sao Paulo to Santos Even frm westernmost in Europe Lisbon it is almost 10 hours of fligh to Sao Paulo. Meals on board were very weak and little choice. I liked only Sagres beer. We landed still in the dark, it was pleasant 18 deg Celsius. I took a morning wash and shave and went to the immigration. OK. Thes was in terminal 3. But to catch the bus to the port of Santos I have to go to terminal 2. There is passage between terminals on the upper (dep) level. Once you will go out of term2 crorr the road and you will see little bus station. Got it! But to buy the ticket you have to turn back to the terminal2 door - the Cometa company has a ticket window there. I paid 36 reais by card and was on time for 7 am bus! It took us 2 hours to get to Santos. It is old and dirty port city. Like years ago it smells - at least in the old center by coffee.
The only way to get to the cruise terminal is by taxi - they charge 40 reais per ride. I am ready for the boarding of my ship!

Apr 15, 2023 12:00 AM Warsaw to Lisbon...

Warsaw to Lisbon... It was raining in Warsaw when I arrived there by train in the morning. From the centeal station I took the city bus 175 to the Chopin Airport. Somebody was waiting for me to talk about the possible future travel. OK! When it was a time to go to the gate I got a message that TAP flight to Lisbon will be delayed...
Finally the plane arrived and I boarded for the 3,5 h flight. What a shame! Is TAP already low cost airline? Little spece for the legs and they didn't serve even a glass of water on such a long flight.
In LISBON I had few hours waiting gor the flight to Sao Paulo. We started just before midnight...

Apr 14, 2023 12:00 AM To South America!

To South America! In my "Wojtkówka" spring sowing has already been done, so waiting for the real spring I can go on another journey to remember some corners of South America. It is also an opportunity to meet new, interesting people, as well as relax on board a beautiful ship returning from South America to Europe. The journey will begin with a long flight from Warsaw via Lisbon to Sao Paulo, Brazil.If on my route I will have free access to the internet saved carefully "hot" news from the route you will find, as always, in English in my travel log. I plan to return to Gdansk on May 5th, 2023.


Apr 09, 2023 12:00 AM Back in Wojtkówka

Back in Wojtkówka I was running gate to gate in Naples airport to board my Ryanair flight to Gdansk. They started the boarding, but I was still on time! The plane doors were locked than and... We were waiting half an hour to get permit to start. Those Italians!
Now I am happy to be again in my dacha where spring flowers are in blossom around. It is sunny weather and a lot of work is waiting for me, but I like it... Wild cats survived the winter and now they are sitting happy and proud on the doorstep. But the nights are cold! So I plan to make one more voyage to the warmer countries. Soon, soon!

Apr 07, 2023 12:00 AM Arrivederci sunny Roma, welcome to Genova...

Arrivederci sunny Roma, welcome to Genova... Cloudy big port of Genova. The old-fashioned passenger terminal is close to the station Principe but thete is no need to walk thete if you are heading to the airport. Just go up to the overpassing bridge cross the street under the highway and there is no.1 city bus stop. It will take you to Sestri- Aeroporto tiny railway station. Cross the railway tracks (overpass) and there is another bus stop - for shuttle going to Genova airport. 10 min drive only... Here am I, waiting for Volotea flight south to Naples. Unlogic? Well, I have there direct low-cost connection to my Gdansk. I hope that the flights will be on time! Just enjoy the view of Genova on sunny day... :)

Apr 06, 2023 12:00 AM Rome in the sun!

Rome in the sun! After cold and dark day in Naples I was blessed today by lovely, spring day in Rome. I have been in Rome several times, but the "etermal city" is such exciting that it was a pleasure yo refresh memories. From the Covitavechia ehere ship is docking there is twice per hour train connection to Rome. They will charge you only 4,60 euro each way. It takes around an hour to rech the capital. Going there it is worth to disembark train at San Pietro starion which is located close to the Vatican. Than you can cross the city, visiting monumenta and return from station Roma Termini - the distance is around 6 kms, but more with the detours. I started walk from Piazza San Pietro, than San Angelo Castle near the nice bridge, follow to Capitolio, di Trevi Fountain, Spanish stairs and Colloseo. Great walk in the strong sun. And what a lovely day!

Apr 05, 2023 12:00 AM Bella Napoli...

Bella Napoli... Well, I have been here twice already but I mever had my breakfast with a view of Vesuvius like today. Unfortunately it is cloudy, no sun at all... In front of the elegant art-deco cruise terminal they still conduct road works... Just near our ship there are ferry and tourist boats docks. Round trip sailing to legendary Capri island costs 45 euro and they are departing every 2 hours... I passed Castel Nuovo and took a walk to the famous Plazza Plebiscito - the wide main city square. Aha! The military academy celebration just took place. Funny... Then, for the first time I went down to the coastal promenade - the best place to photograph you with the Vesuvio in the background. Walking to the next coastal castle - Castel dell Ovo I was passing the line of elegant hotels. But sorry, no beaches here... Bella Napoli? To see it you have arrrive on the other, sunny day!

Apr 04, 2023 12:00 AM Palermo - Sicily

Palermo - Sicily Yesterday we suffer from the stormy weather. It was full day at sea! Today I woke up in Palermo, enjoying morning sun and nice landscape around the city. Mount Pelegrino is the main landmark here with the big hotel on it and a small church of Santa Rosalia - the saint - patron of Palermo.
Port with passenger docks is literally in the middle of the city. At the port gate (not a terminal) you will find tourist info kiosk distributing free city maps. Avoid a crowd of aggressive taxi drivers offering tours for 100 euro and more! There is also hop-on hop-off bus covering main city attractions for 15 euro/full day. But to get to Monte Pellegrino the budget traveller go to bus 812 stop on Plaza Crispi and the ride will cost only 1,40 euro each way! It will take you around 30 min to
reach the sanctuary by bus, but more than 2 hours by climbing. It is on the other side of the mountain! Actually it is not the church but the grotto with only one, fromt wall.

Apr 02, 2023 12:00 AM Cloudy Piraeus...

Cloudy Piraeus... In the morning we docked in the Piraeus port - near Athens. It is warm, but the weather is cloudy. I have been here many times, but it is nice to refresh memories and walk along the ferry docks with small boats departing to different Greek Islands. In the port they opened new Themistocles Terminal with good wifi connection - finally it is easy to check my mailboxes. Let's hope that the weather will improve!

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