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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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May 10, 2019 12:00 AM Sunny day in Split

Sunny day in Split Thank you dear friends for keeping your fingers crossed! I experience lovely sun since the morning. OK, to avoid to pay the entrance fee in the cathedral I woke up early and went for the morning mass celebrated at 7.30 am. There were only some 15 people attending. The unusual interior is definitely worth to see. It was Roman Emperor's Mausoleum converted later into church..
The second must to see is the viewpoint on the Marjan hill. After some 15 minutes walk uphill you will reach the restaurant and little terrace. The view of the Old Split and the ferry docks is just amazing from there!
It is not the high tourist season yet, but the arrow streets of the Diocletian palace are crowded. I can imagine how does it look like in June... Famous Dicletian Palace is in fact jot a palace but little walled township with four gates in the walls. Sorry, they allowed to built in between also contemporary houses. But the city with little cathedral inside is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lovely place!

May 09, 2019 12:00 AM 5 hours on the bus to Split

5 hours on the bus to Split It was raining today in the morning when I was walking to the central bus station in Zagreb. Flixbus departed on time, but because the heavy clouds and rain it was difficult to enjoy the landscapes. I saw few nice bays and at thd end of 5-hours trip there was great view of the coastzl town of Trogir from the mountain...
Approach to Split disappointed me - it is one more big town, grey and chaotic with high buildings built mostly in the socialist era. Oncee you will pass this quarters you will reach the old part of the city - UNESCO World Heritage site. It is much nicer and atmospheric... The poor bus station is located on the coastal street some 300 m from the famous Diocletian Palace. My apartment is only 200 away. "Apartment" has only one window - in the metal door and low celling (watch your head while pissing :) but the owner charge only 20 euro per night for this single. In the evening the rain stopped and the sun appeared. I hope that tomorrow the weather will be fine again!

May 08, 2019 12:00 AM Zagreb -the capital of Croatia

Zagreb -the capital of Croatia I have been to Croatia before, but not to Zagreb. After few hours of strolling around I can say it is definitely worth a stopover.... There are many ornate houses from Austrian period, huge cathedral and the old town on the hill with colour St Mark's church and great views. The market located a bit up from the main square is live, but apart from the local fruits they sell there imported lemons, oranges and bananas...
And the people... They probably work on the weekends because on the weekdays like today since the morning they sit at the cafe tables (they have plenty of street cafes) sipping coffee and water and talking, talking :)
I stay in the basic Miki hostel in the private room with shared bath paying 18 euro per night. The only window is in the roof, so no views at all, but for 2 nights it is OK

May 07, 2019 12:00 AM Lovely Klagenfurt

Lovely Klagenfurt Early wakeup to catch the 6.30 bus to Klagenfurt. 2 hours ride costs only 9 euro! And this is beautiful journey through the mountains with great views of snowy peaks, deep valleys. There are many tunnels and high viaducts... Klagenfurt - the capital of Carinthia province isn't big city. Nice alley with blossoming chestnuts took me to the main square New Square with the Dragon Fountain and old city hall. There are nice churches around and castle-like Landhouse. I was walking an hour along the old canal to the Worthersee - beautiful mountain lake.
Back in Graz I still had a time to see nice castle Eggenberg on the outskirts of the city (tram no.1 will take you there for 2,40 euro).
Than it was a time to take a long walk - about 1 hour to Webling Flix bus stop. Not easy to find! The bus was 30 min late - we crossed 2 borders - to Slovenia and to Croatia - yes, there are border controls! Wheh the bus reached Zagreb it was already 10 pm. I was was walking again like 3 kms to my Miki Hostel. ...

May 06, 2019 12:00 AM Via Vienna to Graz

Via Vienna to Graz I rely on the Gdansk transport system: buxs 158 took me to Wrzeszcz quarter and then 122 - to the Gdansk airport. Both buses were on time, but it is always a moment of emotion 1 minute before the scheduled departure - will it arrive? In the airport I went smoothly through the security control. At thr gate 15 they were already boarding - but only the people who paid for the priority - not me! My backpack was slightly bigger then 40x30x20 but I was keeping it on my back and the wizzair guys did not check it. Ok! The flight to Vienna was full. It took us 1 h 20 min to land on time in VIE. It took me some 15 min to follow the "bus" signs to the exit near the McDonald restaurant. My bus stop no 6 to Graz is just in front of the exit door. So everything goes well. The sky is cloudy but in a few minutes - at 4.10 pm I will board the flixbus to Graz!
The bus was nice - it had more space for legs than the plane. Sorry, wifi does not work! But the road was terrible at the beginning and end due to the traffic jams. We arrived to Graz delayed 40 minutes. I took 2kms walk through the old town to the station area. A&o hostel is very modern. A bed in the 6 hbeds dorm costs only 20 euro.

May 05, 2019 12:00 AM New little trip - why not?

New little trip - why not? Apple trees are in blossom in Wojtkówka, but the basic works are already done! Now I have to wait for the warmer days to plant the tomatoes and other plants.
Why don't to use this time to visit some unknown places in the South Europe? I still have some award points on my wizzair account to order free tickets... Let's fly!

May 02, 2019 12:00 AM Spring in Wojtkówka!

Spring in Wojtkówka! I have wonderfull time in my dacha. In the first days of May, fruit trees flourished in Wojtkówka. The view was really amazing! If only there will be no frosts, then also this year there should be great harvest of the fruit. In the cellar I still have few boxes of apples picked last year.
I work a lot on the open air and... I am planing new voyages. Soon, soon...

Apr 05, 2019 12:00 AM From the Alps back to Gdansk...

From the Alps back to Gdansk... Low clouds but no rain in Geneva today.... It is only 20 min walk from the home of my friend Mike to the airport. The morning sun was beautifully exposing the snowy Jura Mountains on the west horizon when were walking toward the airport. Then it was a time to say goodbye to Mike who hosted me in expensive Switzerland... See our picture... Thank you Mike and I believe I will see you soon - in Tibet maybe?
They scan the boarding passes at the security stands here! And then unpleasant surprise: LOT flight to Warsaw is expected to be dalayed 1 h 5 min. Morning flight! Shame on you LOT! I can miss my express train to Gdansk!
Anyway it was short but very interesting voyage to the unknown places...

Apr 04, 2019 12:00 AM The Alps: rain yesterday, snow today...

The Alps: rain yesterday,  snow today... It was heavy rain in the morning when I was boarding my next train in Locarno. Next train, are you crazy? No, I just want to see as much as possible using my unlimited travel day tickets. They are walid for travel on all trains and buses but only on the day printed on them.
So today the first train took me to Belinzona - the capital of Ticino province with 3 old castles dominating the town. Then I boarded the yellow "post" bus goind throu the mountains to Thusis. This was the adventure! It was heavily snowing when the bus was climbing to San Bernardino Pass. Authorities closed this route for the trucks, bus our bus successfully passed through to Splugen and down to Thusis where I boarded red mountain train to St Moritz. New great views on this route including 65 m high viaduct. St Moritz, where the Winter Olympics Games were organized twice was in winter scenery where I was there. Sorry - not much to see in the falling snow.... The village is well up from the station.... Enough? Yes, I took then 3 trains one by one to return to Geneva. My friend Mike was waiting for me with a cup of hot tea. The whole plan was completed, even in the winter weather :)

Apr 03, 2019 12:00 AM Through the Alps to Ticino

Through the Alps to Ticino Ticino is Italian - speaking part of Switzerland. To get there I went first to... Italy. From Swiss Brig train took me through 17-km tunnel to Italian town of Domidossola and then I went on a special panoramic train I went to Locarno. Unfortunately weather was bad today - cloudy and rainy but I still managed to see three interesting places: Locarno and Ascona on Lago Maggiore and Lugano on the bank of the beautiful lake.
I liked especially Lugano. It is green already on this side of the Alps and flowers are in blossom.

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