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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Mar 22, 2019 12:00 AM Memories of Indonesia

Memories of Indonesia Altar in the Chinese temple in Semarang. It is nice temple, but surrounded by very poor streets and dirty canal.

Mar 20, 2019 12:00 AM Memories of Tonga

Memories of Tonga Sorry, I cannot upload more pictures to my gallery till the end of March. So enjoy the pic in my travel log. This is inter-islan overloaded boat.

Mar 13, 2019 12:00 AM Home, sweet home!

Home, sweet home! After 13- hours flight from Singapore to Warsaw I was running to the new gate to catch the domestic flight to Gdansk. The problem was that arriving from non-Schengen area you must go through the passport and security control and there were lines...
Ufff... they were waiting for me... An hour later I landed safely in my Gdansk. Only 1 deg Celsius, wet snow falling. Did I arrive too early?
But It is nice to be home after such a long journey!

Mar 12, 2019 12:00 AM Singapore - Merlion in restauration!

Singapore - Merlion in restauration! Air Asia flight to Singapore was one hour delayed in the evening - then I took the subway to the Chinatown station - (2,60 SGD - this also take an hour). So it was almost 10 pm Singapore time when I arrived to Galaxy Pod capsule hostel. For 38 SGD you can have here big enough plastic box with a mattress, linen and towel. TV and wi-fi are also inside, but I was too tired to use them. In the morning in the cafe downstairs they serve buffet breakfast, which is also included in the price (boiled eggs, toasts, cornflakes and drinks).
After breakfast I had some 3 hours time to take a walk around Singapore city centre. Every time I am here I see new, bright skyscrapers. It is imposing! I found new place on the esplanade, near the open-air theatre to catch the best panoramic view of the downtown - see the picture. Even in the morning you will see on the bank of Singapore River the crowd of the tourists. Today they were disappointed: the famous statue o Merlion - the symbol of Singapore is covered for restauration! Instead they can see only a miniature in the nearby garden.
Once again I took the walk along the Singapore River enjoying the views of White Victoria Theatre and National gallery. Ufff.... The temperature was around 32 deg and high humidity when I was walking back to Chinatown to check-out from the hostel and to go by subway to the Chiangi airport. My epic jourey to Pacific and Asia is almost over. It was so diverse an fantastic!
In the night I will be flying to Warsaw (13 hours direct flight) and then - to my Gdansk.

Mar 11, 2019 12:00 AM Semarang - the capital of Central Jawa

Semarang - the capital of Central Jawa Do you know what they invented here? - High deck city buses. on every bus stop they built 1 m high platform and passengers are boarding the bus from this platform. Buses are clean, have a/c and they have the conductors. Imagine also that they are very cheap - one ride including transfers costs only 3500 IDR - like quarter of dollar!
Today I was walking around Semarang enjoing the scenery - they have two big squares with some colonial buildings, the old city, where they are restoring houses around the imposing Dutch church and the dirty Chinatown with a nice temple which is like an peacefull oasis in the quarter of dusty, dirty and noisy streets. There are canals in the part ot the city smelling badly - but this is also the real Indonesia!
After 3,5 hours walk in the steamy heat I returned to my guesthouse just to pack and to take a pleasant, clean bus to the airport. It is sneaking through different quarters so allow an hour to reach the new airport.
It is time to say goodbye to the hot, smiling Indonesia. I am flying to Singapore!

Mar 10, 2019 12:00 AM Sailing to Jawa

Sailing to Jawa -This is last sailing of the slow ferry to Jepara, the ship goes to the shipyard, so do not miss it! I did not! The sun was rising over Karimunjawa when I bought the deck ticket for 76000 IDR and embarked the junk ship... The all seats were already occupied, but soon one family went to lay down on the mate on the deck and they ceded a seat to me... Bye, remote Karimunjawa! The sea was calm, but we still were sailing around 5 hours. In Jepara I took the pushbike rickshaw to get from the port to the poor and hot bus terminal. Minibus to Semarang appeared soon and we started 3-hours drive to the capital city of Central Jawa. Imagine old, dirty minibus with wide-open windows stopping at almost every corner. Soon it became full and overcrowded. Indonesians are allowed to smoke in such a buses and they do! Very hard experience for 50000 IDR - that's the cost of the ticket to Semarang... I was really happy to get of the vehicle at 3.30 pm. City bus took me to the center of the city where in the side, narrow alley I found my 9-dollar guesthouse... Nobody speaks English here. My room has just the matress on the floor and adjacent Asian "ski style" toilet. No sink, no shower. I believe I will survive till the morning :)

Mar 09, 2019 12:00 AM Heading to Monkey Point

Heading to Monkey Point It is still sunny on Karimunjawa Island, but very hazy - so the air is not so clear, with the temperature higher than 30 and high humidity....
Local boat operators offer day snorkeling tours to the smaller islands of the archipelago charging 250000 per person but I decided to walk insread along the southeast coast. There is a paved but narrow road heading to Monkey Point (some 5 kms one way). At this point the road had a dead end, so there is little traffic, which is nice....
First beach I visited was Pancuran or Sunrise Beach - very nice and cozy place, but it requires step descent on the muddy path, so take care. On the road they built a gate where in the season they charge entry fee - 5000 per person. It is similar situation on the other beaches. The amount is not high, but if you stay few days visiting different beaches it could be quite a lot... I am lucky to be before the season...
The eastern coast road goes up and down so I was already sweaty when I reached the shocks of Bobby Beach located near a big area of the white sand. Bobby sells the beer for 50000 a bottle and has few "monkey houses" located on the trees for his clients. Onward north the road became overgrown by tropical vegetation - soon I reached Monkey Point in the little, narrow bay - very remote and picturesque place which acts as a graveyard for few little boats... It is on the picture.
In the afternoon I was climbing to the Joko Tuwo - the viewpoint overlooking the Karimun settlement. It was still hazy, but I saw in the distance the ferry waiting in the port - tomorrow in the morning I will be sailing back to Jawa!

Mar 08, 2019 12:00 AM Sun over Karimun

Sun over Karimun Best wishes for our ladies on the occasion of International Womens Day! Lovely sun was shinning since the morning on Karimunjawa Island. That's what I was waiting for! I took my cameras and started the walk to the best beaches of the island. Sunset Beach (Tanjung Gelam) - some 5 kms north from the Karimun township is the closest. But you have to walk there some 2 kms off from the main road. Yes! It is great - picture postcard views... White sand is divided by some stones like on Virgin Gorda or La Digue. What a colors of the water!
Then I returned to the main road spending some time in the primary school than and started walk to the Annora Beach on the eastern side of the island. It is completely different but also nice.Love Hill is nearby, primitive Kumloco Beach is 300 m further south. Next beach on my today's trail was Batu Putih - - far north before the airport. This is narrow and shady beach - very few people there, but mosquitoes are active. Than I turned south tho Barracuda Beach. Nobodycare about this place - it has narrow sand and a kind od shipyard under the palms whete they build wooden boats.
So, I saw today the best beaches of Karimunjawa. At the end it was not easy to return back to Karimun - They do not have public buses here. I was walking a lot, meeting lovely local people in many places. The ladies picking the fruits offered me a bunch of rambutans. Finally I reached my guesthouse by few one-by-one scooters. i returned tired,, but with a great pictures....

Mar 07, 2019 12:00 AM It rains sometimes also in the paradise....

It rains sometimes also in the paradise.... Well known Lonely Planet guidebook listed Karimunjawa as the one of 10 top attractions of Indonesia. That's why I am here. Also because I love the small islands - do you know my "islands of the world" web page?
Today on Karimunjawa it was not raining in the morning so I took a walk to the old port, where the fishing and tourist boats dock now. It is not a season on the island - I aaw only 5 or 6 other tourists... This gives me a chance to stroll in the narrow alleys around the port and enjoy the people, who live there - sometimes in the very poor conditions. But this part of the township has also the special atmosphere. The beautiful mosque with green minaret is also in this part of the settlement. I was alone there - no problem at all to take the pictures. Local kids are great - always ready to be photographed. I visited also a little local market opposite the hospital where you can buy as a souvenir for your wife the muslim scarf wear by local ladies - it costs only 35000 IDR - less than a can of beer! :)
It was raining again in the afternoon, but I believe that tomorrow the will appear so I will go to photograph those beautiful beaches.

Mar 06, 2019 12:00 AM To Karimunjawa Island

To Karimunjawa Island The alarm clock was not necessary - at 4.30 am they were calling from the mosques of Jepara. I took a shower and big cup of coffee and walked some 200 m to the port gate, where in the solid pavilion they sell ferry ticket. The window is open at 5.30 or even earlier.... -One ticket economi, of course (I don't want to sit in a/c!) for orang Polandija (a man from Poland). The one way ticket costs 76000 IDR. But at the next desk you have to pay also 25000 tourist tax. Nowadays there is also fast ferry - it costs 200000.... Then you can walk on the pier to the ship. Oho, this is not a new model! When I was boarding through the car deck it was completely packed up with cars, scooters and piles of different goods. Eventually I climbed to the upper deck where are the rows of seats for the passengers. It is hard to say it is clean area but the local people put on the floor the mats, cartoon or vven newspapers and sleep... No glass in the windows so you can enjoy the landscape - at the beginning colorful fishing boats docking nearby, later - only the grey sea. No sun today!
We departed 25 minutes before the schedule - because the ship was completely full - they said...
Do not trust the locals when they say it will be 4-hours journey. We were sailing 6 hours and on approach to the island we found ourselves in the wall of fogg, wind and heavy rain. I was waiting half an hour to disembark, but no chance for dry landing... I weared on me and the backpack my waterproof poncho, but the wind was too strong to protect me.
Now it is already the evening and I am drying my clothes in "Sama Sama guest house" Let's hope that tomorrow the paradise island will show the other, nicer face :)

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