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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Sep 22, 2023 12:00 AM Pisa by night...

Pisa by night... Direct low-cost flight from Gdansk landed in Pisa in the late afternoon, just after rain. Imagine that Pisa is probably the only airport where you can walk from the terminal to the city center in just 20 minutes! I found my cozy pension Miranda. Left my backpack and started the walk to the old city. I have been here 3 times, but always in the daylight. The dark and illumination gives a chance to discover new look. Yes, I was happy to see Arno River, Borgo and Square if the Miracles from the different perspective...

Sep 21, 2023 12:00 AM To Tunis and Casablanca...

To Tunis and Casablanca... A new autumn journey starts tomorrow! This time I'm going south, because it's getting cold in Poland. Once or twice a year, the Costa shipping line organizes a special cruise addressed to its most loyal passengers. And I have "gold" status with them, which guarantees a number of privileges and significant discounts. The line is preparing a special program for this cruise - we'll see! This cruise will also be an opportunity to see again places I have visited long time ago - for example Tunis, where I was in 1979.


Sep 17, 2023 12:00 AM Wonderful Copenhagen

Wonderful Copenhagen We docked in Copenhagen early in the morning. The crew from the ship always wants you to go out of your cabin as soon as possible because they need to clean cabins for the new passengers. Pole - pole! I never hurry, so after having the breakfast I slowly packed-up my stuff and went out with my carry-on backpack only. 500 m walk to the bus stop. 3-zone bus/metro ticket worth 30 DKK in the ticket machine installed on the stop... The ticket is valid 2 hours from the moment of issue, so you can go out of the metro on the connection point at Kongens Nytorg to enjoy the center of Danish Capital. That's what I did today. On Sunday morning traffic on the streets was weak so pass the theater and took a walk to the old Nyhaven framed by the colorful houses. Last time I was here some 10 years ago! It is still a nice place... Now in CPH airport I am waiting for the flight to Gdansk.
The journey is almost over. I was happy to see few new places in the fjords and enjoy new flagship of MSC company - it is very impressive!

Sep 16, 2023 12:00 AM From Kiel to Lubeck

From Kiel to Lubeck Lovely, sunny day! There is not much to see in the industrial city of Kiel. I decided to go by train to the historic city of Lubeck. It takes 1 hour 20 minutes and costs 31 euro round trip. The Lubeck main station is conveniently located just steps from the Old City. Grab city map at the it point in the station, and 10 min later you will see the highlight of Lubeck' architecture: city gate Holstein Tor. The old city is located on the river island. There is cathedral and few other churches - the entry is free except St Mary's where they charge 4 euro. I specially enjoyed visit to St Augustine where is a great organ and I was listening to the rehearsal - the artist played toccata of Bach... many narrow, cobbled streets. It took me 2 hours to get to the Burg gate - also very impressive. In the courtyard near Stary's there is little, funny devil - many tourist taking picture of this statue. I returned to the ship only around 4 pm. A crowd of new passengers - mostly Germans is still boarding "Euribia". I will disembark tomorrow in Copenhagen.

Sep 15, 2023 12:00 AM Bye-bye Norway!

Bye-bye Norway! We have today day at sea, sailing south in the fogg and under the clouds. They organize sales in the ship's shops and different events. In the evening I attended another concert performed by our fantastic big band. Tomorrow we will be docking in the German port of Kiel. They announced that the distance from the port to city center is 9 km and that they offer shuttle service to take you out of the port area. But it is not free! You have to pay 15 euro for the round trip!

Sep 14, 2023 12:00 AM Flam - to Brekkefossen Waterfall!

Flam - to Brekkefossen Waterfall! Flam is probably the nicest port visited on this voyage. It is located at the end pf narrow fjord with high mountains around. The tiny port can accommodate only one ship at a time. Only 12 deg. Celsius in the morning. I grab from the tourist office the free map, and started the walk to the waterrfall visible high on the green slope. First part it was easy, flat walk. But later the trail turned right to the steep gravel path climbing up through the forest. Soon it converted into stone stairs. Locals say that Himalayan Sherpa built them. It is very sweaty trail! But the view at the end of the path was magnificent! On the level of 160 m there is excellent viewpoint offering not only the good pistures of 150-m high waterfall but also the landscape of the fjord. The sun appeared and I decided to spend there about half an hour enjoying the views.
The return to the road was a killing-knees experience. Stone steps are high and that is normal. In the afternoon I visited a little cultural park established on the hill opposite the port. From the well- mantained paths there is a nice view of the cruise ships docking in the Flam's port. Great day!

Sep 13, 2023 12:00 AM Nordfjordeid

Nordfjordeid This fjord is more than 20 kms long with the small town at the mouth of the river. The morning was nt so optimistic: they do not have a pier here so we are forced to use the tender to reach the land. It was foggy with some rain. But when I apeared on the othe open, 16th deck at 9.30 it cleared up. I was waiting 40 min in the line to get to the tender despite the tender tickets they distributed. This was the show how NOT to work! Shame on you you , MSC! On the land except one small church and coastal walkway there is not much to see. I decided to take the path uphill from the second bridge. Zero information, the city map is poor. I crossed wet meadow and on the level of 90 m found the gravel road heading west on the slope. Nobody will tell you that, bbut this empty gravel road could be called scenic road. It will take you to the waterfall - with great views of the fjord and our ship with many rainbows. After some 2 km I found branch road going down to the farm amd main coastal road. This was the highlight of the day! At the pier 300 people was waiting in the line to be taken to the ship. Crew man work like a snails - shame on you again MSC!

Sep 12, 2023 12:00 AM Maloy - 3000 inhabitants

Maloy - 3000 inhabitants Maloy lies o the island, connected to continental Norway by the new bridge. Surrounded by mountains Maloy offers great landscape. Staff from the ship offers defferent, but expensive tours. I decided to climb the Veten mountain (612 m above the sea) for the views - on my own. It was sunny in the morning so it was easy to climb the stairs heading up between the neat houses. Finally my GPS took me to the town stadium on the level around 150 m. Left from the stadium a nice path will take you to the official view point no 1 - from this point you enjoy the view of the fjord and the bridge... Right from the stadium the poor and steep road will take you to the hut built at the dam. Artificial lake at the bottom of Mt Veten is very picturesque and you can go around it. But where is the trail to the summit? No signs... Finally with the help of GPS I found the ummarked beginng of the poor, wet path. But the rain started. I was waiting half an hour under umbrella (no shelter!) expecting the change of the weather. No chance! So it was a time to start the walk down. I enjoyed the view of our ship in the fjord - see the picture!

Sep 11, 2023 12:00 AM Sailing to the north...

Sailing to the north... In the night we experienced heavy fogg - out ship was whistling every minute or so and I did not sleep much. But it is day at sea! Time to relax, rest and enjoy. My cabin steward from Madagascar make the cabin quickly and I had a time to have a nap after lunch. In the evening another good show - Circus 1920 - very funny... I attended also captains cocktail - this is occasion to have a free drinks (normally you pay 7 euro for the beer of glass of wine). Tomorrow we will reach first fiord.

Sep 10, 2023 12:00 AM To Copenhagen....

To Copenhagen.... Early wakeup! At 5.15 am I was already in the Gdansk airport... Flight to Amsterdam was full! But I fly to Copenhagen! Well, sometimes it is less expensiwe or more convenient to fly around to your final destination... Once in Copenhagen I bought the 3- zones ticket for metro (30 DKK) and jumped on the train of line2. Then connection in Kongens Nytorg to line 4... At final metro stop - Ocean Kaj I was forced to wait 20 minutes for the bus 25 heading to the cruise terminal. There are 3 terminals one by one - my brand new ship - Euribia was waiting near terminal 3 - some 400 m walk from the bus stop.
Wow! My "studio" cabin is cosy (but dark). A lot of new technology... Great inside promenade on the deck 6... We sailed away at 6 pm. At 7.30 show in the theater. You have to book your place online!


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